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JCP News • Issue 8 • August 2008
Beautiful, Mysterious and Bizarre: Erotica by Jordan Castillo Price

JCP News
Issue 8- August 15, 2008



My readers rock, and my listeners do, too. I've gotten some of the most awesome feedback lately.

After my plea for reviews last newsletter, I see that two of you have made the effort to leave me long, thoughtful, wonderful reveiws for Secrets on Amazon. Thank you so much! Amazon reviews are always much appreciated, since it's always possibly they'll convince someone who might not otherwise have tried my writing to give it a shot.

One of my recent podcast episodes has also inspired some listeners to write to me. If you're at all interested in writing yourself (and you think you might be able to use a kick in the pants) I encourage you to give this episode on daily word count a listen. I intersperse a long (30-minute) with a short (10-minute) podcast, alternating them each week. The word count podcast is a "quickie," and you can listen to it right in your web browser without signing up for anything!

Click here for the show



Did you know you can leave reviews on the eBooks I've published at, or on Amazon? I'd love it if you took a moment to weigh in on some of my stories!

Likewise, if you enjoy any of my self-published stuff, it would be especially cool if you mentioned it to your friends, or on your blog.

I think that word of mouth is the best advertisement a writer can hope for! Let me know if you'd ever like me to guest-blog with you; I always seem to have stuff to talk about.




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From Zero Hour

It was early evening, nearly sunset, but thankfully the shop was still open. The other clerk might be there, Ernest reminded himself as he jogged up to the doorway, that short, dark man with the sour disposition who never once looked Ernest in the eye.

Ernest didn't believe that, though. He pressed his fingertips against the front door, shifting foot to foot in anticipation as it opened, everything seeming to move slowly like a feed playing at half speed, until finally, there, framed in the doorway, scowling at a series of glowing characters as he wiggled his fingers under his scanner, was Will.

Ernest stared so long the door nearly shut on him. At the last moment he ducked inside and approached the counter.

"Can I help you?" asked Will without looking up as he finished a line of computations.

"I hope so."

read chapter 8



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If you read my whole newsletter last month, you might remember that I was bemoaning a crap review that a beloved book of my teenaged years received. I wanted to re-read the story, but I was scared. What if it was full of overblown cheesiness, and maybe adverbs?

I'm pleased to report I re-read Twins and I still like it just as much as I always did. The writing was tight and the characters were well-drawn, and no pains were taken to clean them up and make them overly likeable. The authors did some really interesting stuff with point-of-view, where it was very steady in some parts, but slid around to give a feeling of disorientation in others. Clever, gutsy stuff...I don't know if I'd ever attempt it!

I also gave away three copies of Channeling Morpheus: Mankin to members of this very email list. I'll do another random drawing for free loot next month, but instructions on claiming the prize will be in the newsletter. So be sure to look and see if you've won anything, and how to claim it!

I wanted to announce that PsyCop: Property is ready to buy, but, drat, I can't. More on that below. However, my first horror story is up for all the world to see. Check out Luck at


JCP booksWhat's that little heart 'n dagger?

I'm officially a small press! Feel free to send congratulatory cakes and booze to my P.O. Box! Right now it's full of junk mail from whatever mailing list the ISBN folks sold my company name to.

Even though I continue to work with various publishers, it seemed like I was putting out enough of my own material that I should probably make it official. Handy links to all of the JCP stories and reviews are at

PsyCop: Property Progress

PsyCop Property by Jordan Castillo PriceI wish I could tell you it was available. I can't say that--yet. Soon!

I know. I've been saying that for two months.

I'm holding a proof in my hand where they text went all cattywompus inside due to printing (or file preparation) error. *sigh*

Very frustrating.

Channeling Morphues

Longer is better!

Okay, confession time. I had some ideas for stories in the Novelette range (12,000 words, ideal for reading in one languid sitting) but I wasn't sure how they'd be received. See, my idea was that the whole novelette would be a big, giant sex scene. Sure, other things would be happening: seduction, shame, character arcs, and a very sneaky peppering of backstory, so subtle you won't even notice it 'til it was all said and done, and you realize you could probably piece together who those characters were, and how they got there, and why they acted like they did.

Even so, I had to wonder. Are readers going to be bored with a sex scene that's 3 to 5 times longer than the "industry standard?"

Striking SparksStriking Sparks was my first mega-sex story. Reviews were mixed, and sales so-so. Never one to shrink from a challenge, I kept on working with the structure and parameters to see where I could take it. Channeling Morpheus was born. Changeling Press thought they saw a series in it, rather than a standalone vampire fic. Hooray! More opportunity to see what I can do with it.

Recently, a reviewer specifically "got" what I've been trying to do. (Her review is here at Sometimes you hear "size doesn't matter" and "good things come in small packages." Well, the first two installments of Channeling Morpheus are about the SEX. Mega-sex.

Where sex and horror meet

Channeling Morpheus ManikinOnce I got the balls-to-the-wall sex out of my system, I decided to see what kind of horror elements I could work in. I think it's too easy to look at the elegant, polished, sexy side of vampires, and forget how sharp their teeth are.

More than that, I wanted to really look at what kind of person could be a vampire hunter--and be in love with a vampire at the same time. Does that make him a hero, a vigilante, or a serial killer? These are the types of things I thought about in the third installment of Channeling Morpheus, Manikin, which was released last week.

I do most of my reading in the horror genre, so that's what I'm attracted to. And yet, there seems to be a thread of morality where sex is concerned in most horror, particularly in film. After all, it's the teenaged couple going at it in the back seat of the car that always get chopped up by the axe murderer first.

Sex and horror. Can they go hand in hand? I think so! I'd love to hear what you think.

Channeling Morpheus stories 1 through 3 are available at Changeling Press!

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Zero Hour

Zero Hour - Chapter 8
(click here for whole story starting at chapter 1)

The water distended Ernest's stomach, and caused it to press against he walls of his abdominal cavity. It had to be applying pressure to his liver, his small intestine, his gall bladder and pancreas. If anyone had told him that a full stomach felt so painful and wobbly, he never would have swallowed anything to begin with. How many hours would it take to digest? He wasn't sure. He couldn't very well ask L0U15E, either. Not with a belly full of water.

He recapped the bottle, set it on the floor beside the cooler, and made his way downstairs. The pressure in his body made it difficult to concentrate, and he reeled down the alleyway like a drunken actor in an old-time feed. It would have been amusing, if it weren't so terrifying.

He decided it might help to sit down for a few moments while some of the water passed into his duodenum. He staggered toward the single chair, the one he'd collapsed in last time, and paused. There, on the seat, was a scrap of paper.

There was some printing on the paper. "All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the publisher. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data available." Ernest parsed a word here or there, but for the most part, it was a long, meaningless string of characters.

But then there was the handwriting, over the top of the print: "I OW YOU 1 BREW. ~W."

That parsed just fine.


click here for the rest of chapter 8 (NOT worksafe)

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