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JCP News
JCP News • Issue 11 • November 2008
Beautiful, Mysterious and Bizarre: Erotica by Jordan Castillo Price

JCP News
Issue 11- November 15, 2008



The readers who posted a favorite Channeling Morpheus line in my LiveJournal already owned book 4, Tainted. So I'll be sure to send you both a copy of Channeling Morpheus 5: Rebirth when it comes out. As of today it's scheduled for a 12/20 release.

Channeling Morpheus: Rebirth will mark the end of the series, but never fear. A followup series called Sweet Oblivion will follow. I think of Channeling Morpheus as Michael's road to self-discovery, and Sweet Oblivion as Wild Bill's journey. He seems to need more time to come to terms with himself, Michael, the world.

The two favorite lines were from Vertigo:
Michael wasn’t going to let a little thing like my state of incapacitation get between us, no, not him. Good boy.

And from Manikin:
“Holy hell, kid. Way to own my ass.” (Cited as another tender, romantic moment from Wild Bill.)

Gilded Butterfly and Linda, you'll each get a copy of Rebirth! Yay!



When you guys mention in your blogs or LiveJournals that you liked something I've written, your friends come and visit my website.

I love that!

I think that word of mouth is the best advertisement a writer can hope for! Let me know if you'd ever like me to guest-blog with you; I always seem to have stuff to talk about.


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From Zero Hour

The wind ruffled Ernest's hair when he released it, and he allowed the strands to drift across his forehead, cheek and lips. Through the webwork of his hair, Ernest scanned the city. His plan was solid. He'd become very good at the lost art of lying.

read chapter 11



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Last month I asked what everyone wanted in the serial-story slot when Zero Hour was done, and you have spoken! The consensus seems to be that whatever I do, I will delight some people and disappoint others. I am leaning toward putting a totally new serialized story there that, like Zero Hour, is unrelated to any of my ongoing series, so that everyone can enjoy it. I'm also planning to release a trade paperback of Zero Hour when I'm done telling the story here.

I had a project brewing that I was planning on putting in the Zero Hour slot "if the people I'm writing it for don't pick it up." much for that plan B. MLR Press and Josh Lanyon gave me the thumbs up, and I'll now be Josh's cohort in the Partners in Crime series!

I'm stunned! I'm gratified.

I'm stuck without something to put in the Zero Hour slot.

Okay, there is a novel I've been trying to sell that could possibly go there...


Criss Cross 2nd edition is here!

Criss Cross coverMy guess is that many of you have already read Criss Cross! But you never know, I pick up new readers every day, some of whom started on the Channeling Morpheus series.

Second editions of Among the Living (PsyCop1) and Criss Cross (PsyCop 2) are now available in PDF, Mobi, Lit and HTML at JCP Books.

You can see large versions of the covers by clicking on the cover thumbnails.

Everyone's been wondering when PsyCop 5 will be ready. (Hey, sometimes I wonder that, too. But it was really important to me to add the Partners in Crime gig to my repertoire.)

I've got three things to say about Camp Hell:

1. The cover's done and I'm crazy about it (see JCP Books)

2. I still think I can have it done by the end of the year

3. It's about as long as the first three PsyCops put together. So I KNOW you will all get a really good fix when you read it!

November's Winner

I'm giving away a set of PsyCop: Partners and Property to one person on my email list in September, October and November. November's winner, chosen from among my newsletter subscribers by, is Faeriemagix. Email me by 11/30/08 at Jordan (at) psycop (dot) com with your shipping address and I'll get your books out to you! Prizes not claimed by the deadline will be rolled into future giveaways.

October's prize was forfeited. Very sad!

Channeling Morphues

Two New Short Stories on JCP

The Voice CoverHave you ever been to a haunted house attraction for Halloween? Have you ever checked out the guys in their costumes and thought they looked pretty hot, though you suspected that once the were out of costume they wouldn't be nearly so intriguing?

Okay, I guess I have to admit it--I have. And so has Martin, the poor, lonely narrator of The Voice. Writing Martin brought back memories of cracking open horror magazines with my only male cousin (who is 6 months younger than me) and poring over the images of mummies, aliens and other makeup-laden monsters, and getting a delicious thrill from the sight of them.

The Voice originally appeared in Torquere Press' newsletter in 2006.

Verdant CoverI'm trying to pinpoint where the inspiration for Verdant came from. It's my homage to Invasion of the Body Snatchers, which I saw at the movie theater with my dad when I was a kid (the 70's Donald Sutherland version, not the older one) and it scared the crap out of me.

But I'm not quite sure which recesses of my brain the inherited CD in the used car came from. I think I just liked the idea of Colin needing to block out the sound of his own venting, and I've always found marches particularly obnoxious.

Verdant was originally a Torquere Press Halloween Sip in 2007.

Thanks to all of you who've given JCP Books a spin so far!

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Zero Hour

Zero Hour - Chapter 11
(click here for whole story starting at chapter 1)

Ernest stared toward the ceiling, which he couldn't see, because it was dark. If he said to the room, "Increase light, 45%," nothing would happen. That was quite thrilling.

He was also horizontal, which was unusual, too. Thrilling, he supposed. But also uncomfortable.

Ernest couldn't sleep. His options were pitifully few. He could lie there in excruciating pain until he died of starvation. He could give L0U15E to Will, which would condemn his immortal soul to perpetual suffering. Or he could go back to the city, be shuttled to his health monitor, and be sealed into his POD to await his final interment.

There had to be another way.

Ernest calculated the sum of he remaining credits. It was a modest amount, but still, spent all at once, it might be enough.

Will was still asleep when Ernest jotted down a careful note written in large, clear letters, then set off to visit the company that, for a cost, had modified L0U15E's standardized responses. No doubt someone there could modify the POD-mind much more than that. It was simply a matter of persuading that person.


click here for the rest of chapter 11 (worksafe)

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