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JCP News • Issue 12 • December 2008
Beautiful, Mysterious and Bizarre: M/M Urban Fantasy by Jordan Castillo Price

JCP News
Issue 12 - December 15, 2008



I'm gonna just throw this blatant plea out there--I would love it if you blogged (or twittered, or, or whatever newfangled thing you kids do these days) about anything of mine you've read and enjoyed.

Reader recommendations are the top way I recruit more readers. And I know, when I'm choosing things to read myself, I go with authors that my friends recommend to me. It's just not enough sometimes to look at the covers and read the book blurbs. I have a limited amount of time in which to read, and I want to know what my friends like, because chances are, I'll like it, too.

One listener gave a review of my podcast on Digg, and forty-two people came and checked it out. From one review!

So I'll bet you've got a few days off from work or school coming up. Duck away from the family and give a plug to PsyCop, or Channeling Morpheus, or JCP Books. It'll be a welcome change from watching the "Christmas Story"/"It's a Wonderful Life" marathon. Or stuffing yourself with baked goods. Which is probably what I'll be doing.



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From Zero Hour

Ernest had been to the Diaconate twice in his life. Once, according to his metadata, for his Baptism. And a second time for his Confirmation at ten years of age—the day he'd met L0U15E. He'd only expected one final visit, on the thirtieth day of his thirtieth year. Which was only twelve days away, in any case, but nonetheless this particular visit seemed devastatingly premature.

read chapter 12



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Happy Holidays, *|FNAME|*!

I hope your year has been satisfying and fun. And there are still a few more days to cram some activities in, if you need to!

I'm not at a loss for things to do. I enjoy editing. I do. I'm a detail oriented kind of person. But I'm baffled that I ended up with three stories in edits at the same time: Body Art, my story for the next Partners in Crime release with Josh Lanyon; Camp Hell; and Channeling Morpheus 5: Rebirth.

See, editing's great and all, but I really like writing that first draft and discovering what happens next, which is the main reason why I read, and also why I tell stories. I love watching the plot unfold.

And I'm not exactly sure what the next new thing I'm going to write will turn out to be. I have a little sticky note here that reads "Supernatural Taxi." And it's been here so long that it's covered in dust and cat hair. But I do keep thinking I could do something interesting with that idea, though it's so unformed, I don't know what that something would eventually look like.

I look forward to 2009, where I'll actually be able to begin something NEW!


What the Hell?

Criss Cross coverI'm giddy with excitement. Visit JCP Books for Camp Hell, the fifth story in the PsyCop series.

Camp Hell really delivers the goods that I hinted at in Secrets cliffhanger ending. But I knew that you knew you could count on me.

Right now Camp Hell is available in ebook format. I anticipate that the paperback will be ready by February. Readers have asked if I was going to wait until PsyCop 6 was out, and release Camp Hell as an omnibus, like Property and Partners. Nope, I don't have to. Camp Hell is too long to bind with anything else!

December's Winner

Since October's winner forfeited his prize, I'll give away PsyCop Property/Partners paperback set this month. And the winner (chosen by from my newsletter subscribers) is: elainemcmichael.

Email me by 12/30/08 at Jordan (at) psycop (dot) com with your shipping address and I'll get your books out to you! Prizes not claimed by the deadline will be rolled into future giveaways.

November's prize was claimed! Yay!

Channeling Morphues

Channeling Morpheus Wraps Up

The Voice CoverI'm finishing up the Channeling Morpheus series with Rebirth, in which Michael reconnects with the family he left over two years ago to embark on his vampire hunting vocation.

Needless to say, they're not exactly supportive of his decision to skip college and live out of an old van with his tattooed, chain-smoking boyfriend. That's without even knowing that Wild Bill is a vampire.


Rebirth Excerpt

"We all know how hard losing Mary was on you," my mother said.

How could she? I stared at the wall, fixed on a point over her shoulder, anything to avoid her eyes. Her kitchen felt small and strange. The curtains were new, I noticed, though I couldn't have told you what the old ones looked like if my life depended on it. But the things that had stayed the same, while looking slightly different from the way I'd remembered themthe refrigerator magnets, smaller, slightly faded, the spice rack, now dark with age, with its single mismatched jar that replaced the paprika Julie and I had knocked over when I chased her through the kitchen with a foot-long night crawlerthose things filled me with dread, and also with the realization that a road trip to Terre Haute, Indiana had not been my most stellar idea.

"This doesn't have anything to do with Mary." I realized it wasn't true as soon as it was out of my mouth. Me, tracking down vampires and keeping them from hurting people? It had everything to do with Scary Mary.

"You're not the only one who's ever lost someone. For the last two and a half years, I thought I'd lost a son."

My mom is such a bitch. She was glad to see me for maybe ten seconds, and then her face hardened, and her lips got so thin I thought they'd disappear. This was the look that said, "I was picking up laundry in your room and I found this magazine." HotBoyz, to be exact. I'd told her that Scary Mary had left it there. And Mom claimed she believed me. But she'd given me that look that conveyed she was none too pleased that her son jerked off to pictures of naked men.

• • •

I do have more tales to tell about Wild Bill and Michael. A followup series, Sweet Oblivion, will begin just in time for Valentine's Day in 2009.

A Channeling Morpheus Winner has chosen a winner from my email list for Rebirth: amberbeach12. Email your full name and file type preference to me by 12/30/08 at Jordan (at) psycop (dot) com to claim your ebook.

Grab Channeling Morpheus Rebirth at Changeling Press on Friday, December 19.

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Zero Hour

Zero Hour - Chapter 12
(click here for whole story starting at chapter 1)

Sunlight glinted off Audrey's metallic blue POD as it glided away, and it traveled much faster than Ernest had ever seen a POD move. Maybe he'd been wrong about the solar efficiency. Or maybe Audrey had discovered a way to make her POD faster.

And maybe, he thought, he should follow Audrey's example and get out of there, fast.

He turned and gave L0U15E one last look. "How could you?" he whispered.

"Oh, Ernest…." The POD door clicked, and opened a few centimeters, inviting him to climb in and shunt, and drift off into a comfortable and climate-controlled slumber. "It's not safe out there."

Ernest had no illusions that it was ultimately safe inside the POD, either. He turned his back to L0U15E and scanned the public lot. He was exposed on both sides, so he ran to the nearest row of PODs, and slipped into a narrow space between two of them. The closest buildings were far enough away that he'd be seen running toward them, but if he could make it to the alleyways before the security ops arrived, he could evade them, he knew he could. They never thought to scan the alleys.

The magnetic strip hummed with intermittent POD travel. Ernest watched for a gap in traffic, then tucked himself low as he'd seen actors do in old-time action feeds, and ran.

A POD glided toward him, and stopped. It wobbled there in the center of the strip with sunlight glinting off its solar surface. And in the cross-streets, the traveling PODs stopped too, as if someone had turned off the city's magnetic grid, and none of the POD-minds had switched to solar propulsion quickly enough to keep moving.

Ernest stopped running, and looked around in wonder. It must have been Will's doing. He'd had some sort of covert access to the grid, he knew some secret way of halting traffic to stall the security ops while Ernest got away.

He took another step toward the alley, and something moved in his peripheral vision...something white. Ernest turned. Three security ops rounded the corner. They strode with confidence between the stopped PODs--confidence and menace. Ernest turned. Two more made they way toward him from the other side of the block. They were large men, young in their third decades. T-gloves hung loose at their sides. Ernest recalled the mandatory safety feeds. If one of those Tasers touched him, his consciousness would be like a free feed where the action had been Purged; one moment his assailant would be upon him. And then it would jump to an incongruous moment sometime in the future where a portion of the feed had been excised. Maybe Ernest would have a bandage on his head when he reappeared. Or maybe he would never reappear at all.

click here for the rest of chapter 12 (worksafe)

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