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JCP News
JCP News • Issue 16 • April 2009
Beautiful, Mysterious and Bizarre: M/M Urban Fantasy by Jordan Castillo Price

JCP News
Issue 16 - April 13, 2009



As I was writing about my Among the Living giveaway, I was tempted to add that since it's my birthday, I will not be at the computer, so if my website implodes, I'll have to deal with it later--because I have a birthday ritual, and that's what I'll be seeing to.

There's a nearby town that bills itself as the "birthday village" and when you go there on your birthday, the participating businesses give you a sticker to wear, and you go around and get grift from all the businesses. And you see other people with the same birthday as you making all the rounds, too! There's a catalog-return store that's already dirt cheap, but if it's your birthday, it's half-off.

So every birthday I go replace my worn out shoes and clothes. Then I have lunch at the free entree place, which is so good I eat there even when it isn't free. But free is better. (Peach iced tea...oh boy, I can't wait!)

Thinking about all this brought to mind weird ways in which establishments try to drum up business. And I thought of the strangest meat store I'd ever seen, in Chicago, in a meat packing district. The whole warehouse was refrigerated, so it was a giant walk-in cooler, and all the sorts of things you'd be accusomed to seeing in refrigerators were just stacked up anywhere. Meat, sausage, whatever. The weirdest thing I remember was the pyramid of egg cartons in the middle of the floor. Also, more chitterlings than you can shake a stick at.

There was a rack of white coats, the type you see butchers wearing, by the front door, and you were supposed to put one on when you shopped.

And that's not all. There was a big prize wheel at the cash register, and when you paid for your stuff, you got to spin it and get a prize. A meat prize. Yippee.

So I don't think my marketing endeavors will ever be quite as creative as the Wheel o' Meat, but at least I've got something to strive for. In the meantime, please enjoy a complimentary copy of Among the Living, and pretty please, encourage your friends, post on your blog, and help me spread the word. I'd love to recruit more readers!


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From Zero Hour


"Who am I? Is that what you mean?" Ernest feinted as the first op made a grab for him. The big brute wasn't very fast; he was probably accustomed to dealing with retirees who'd shunted in so many times they'd become decrepit and slow.

read chapter 16



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Happy Unbirthday!

(Unless we share a birthday, in which case, I'll say Happy Birthday!)

Have I raved about Toodledo lately?

Probably on my podcast, but not here. I'm madly in love with Toodledo, the free list-making website. I would never exercise if it weren't for Toodledo. I'd never take my supplements. And I'd relegate my writing to "when I feel like it," or worse, "when it's an emergency."

You can categorize your tasks into different folders. So, for instance, you could have a mandatory folder and a bonus folder, or a home folder and a work folder, and so on. I sort my folders into home, dayjob, writing and publishing. Yup. I have so many writing/publishing tasks that it's useful for me to separate the two. Home is a catch-all for things like exercising (task recurs every day except Monday and Saturday) and clean the fishtank (recurs every Friday.)

The fish seem really perky since I put their tank cleaning on Toodledo. I probably used to estimate that I cleaned their tank way more than I actually did!

Check it out!


Among the Living Free for a Day

Camp Hell in PaperbackHappy birthday to me! Since I love giving stuff away, as a present to me, I'm giving you an un-birthday present!

I'm making Among the Living free for a day. If you have the old version with the generic cover, grab the new version--it's re-edited, too. If you have a PDF but you want another file type, go grab that. And, especially, if you have a friend who's never read the PsyCop series, send him or her over to grab book #1 for FREE. I want new readers!

In the event that I go over my daily quota of free checkouts from my shopping cart host, never fear, I'll just leave it free for an extra day or two so that eveyone who wanted to download it will have a chance. Or you could pick up one of the other stories and still get Among the Living free.

And remember, I've got several freebies at and my LuLu Storefront.

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Channeling Morphues

Get Tangled Up In Snare

Heaven Sent CoverIt's the longest story yet in the Channeling Morpheus / Sweet Oblivion series--Snare. I'm a big Evil Dead fan, and I've been dying to write something creepy set way out in the woods in the middle of nowhere. Or Wisconsin.

I have a friend who always gets a big kick out of the things I research. I can't imagine not doing it; I think the research is usually the fun part. It's the part where I get to cast out a net and reel in some ideas I might not be aware of having.

One of the characters in Snare supplies livestock to lure a feral vampire out of hiding. If I were being true to the area in which Snare is set, the sacrificial animal would have been a llama. I figured that was one of those things where truth would sound weirder than fiction (like the Wheel o' Meat in my sidebar column) so I should probably pick a more common-seeming animal.

Since I couldn't imagine that character dragging a trailer behind his Caddy, I decided the animal should be a miniature-something that could fit in the back seat of the sedan. I settled on a goat, since there are some really small goat breeds...and as I was writing, it occurred to me that I couldn't really say what a goat would sound like. When you think of a goat, you think, "Baa." Or at least, I do. But then again, sheep go, "Baa." What about goats? I've been to the county fair a time or two--I even saw a fancy bantam chicken lay an egg by chance just at the moment we were standing there getting our bearings, and my eyes were about a foot away from its vent--but still, I lived in the inner city until I was in my mid thirties and I don't consider myself fluent in livestock noises.

So I looked online and found sound recordings of various goats doing their thang. And when I played them, the sounds frightened the rest of the household. Seriously. The cats freaked out, and my boyfriend came in to my office to see what the heck that racket was.

Anyway, if you read Snare and wonder why the goat is so loud, rest assured. It's accurate. I probably even downplayed the loudness.

I'll have more tidbits about the fun stuff you discover during research when I start promoting Hemovore, my upcoming July release from Samhain Publishing!

Find Channeling Morpheus / Sweet Oblivion at Changeling Press.

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Zero Hour

Zero Hour - Chapter 16
(click here for whole story starting at chapter 1)

...The dust-covered thing on the floor was section of forearm with the shunt still embedded.

The cylinder of flesh and bone was old and coated with dust, and the ends of the arm where the blood had pooled out had gone dry and black with age. Ernest's throat worked alarmingly, as if he were trying to swallow something, or perform the reverse of swallowing something, except there was nothing to swallow, nothing that he had recently swallowed—so the bitterness that previously had tickled at the back of his throat returned, and flooded his mouth with acid.

He staggered past the foul-smelling hole and felt his boot strike a small, dust-covered bit of rubble. Part of him knew he shouldn't look, that he probably was better off not knowing, but he looked anyway.

click here for the rest of chapter 16 (worksafe)

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