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JCP News
JCP News • Issue 20 • August 2009
Beautiful, Mysterious and Bizarre: M/M Horror & Urban Fantasy by Jordan Castillo Price

JCP News
Issue 20 - August 15, 2009

Frankie the cat

For now, anyway.

On one hand, I take Amazon rankings with a grain of salt. When I set up my titles there, I'm able to select two categories in which the novel or ebook will appear, and to add 15 keywords. That's it.

Sometimes the books "rank" in other categories. I'm not entirely sure why; maybe a reader has suggested them for other searches.

The advantage to me in "ranking" in various categories is that someone who's never heard of me or my books might be poking around, browsing, looking for something to read. And if they browse through a category I appear in, they might read on to my synopsis page and maybe try a story.

Today I'm doing a happy dance because six of my titles appear in Amazon's top 100 for erotic horror. Two of them are Kindle shorts, Verdant and The Voice, which really surprised me.

In addition to "ranking" in the top-100 lists, there are also plain old search results where it helps authors to appear toward the top of the list. I've already mentioned that reinforcing an author's tags is a really easy way you can help the stories appear in more searches. Amazon Tags

These are my tags on Camp Hell. You'll find this part just above the reviews. By simply adding checkmarks beside the tags, you'll make the books of the authors you like appear higher in searches.

I've read that leaving good reviews also helps stories appear higher in searches, so if you're inclined to do so, I'd LOVE it if you left me a review!

Be sure to help out the authors you love by checkmarking their tags. The more books they sell, the more they'll be able to write in the future as they become able to quit their day jobs or hire people to do some of their gruntwork. I still need my day job, but I do have a college student weeding my yard as I write this. YES! I'd much rather be typing a newsletter than getting eaten by mosquitoes!

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From Zero Hour

Ernest tried, and failed, to continue studying the "camping" feed. The problem of the magnet mod seemed much more interesting than watching homo sapiens walk through vegetation.


read chapter 20



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Happy August, *|FNAME|*

The state of the kitties: all is well. Frankie had a cyst removed from his neck but hopefully we're done with the vet for a few more months now!

Aside from my cat wrangling, I've been busy writing this summer. Actually, the new releases you see from me are probably things I worked on months ago, but there's still the whole "ta-da" process when they come out.

Since the last newsletter:

Hemovore in ebook

Sweet Oblivion 4: Swarm in ebook

Partners in Crime 4 - The Art of Dying in ebook

Channeling Morpheus for Scary Mary in paperback

Welcome to all my new readers who found me recently via LiveJournal. So many of you are following Zero Hour that it really re-energized my writing on the story. There was a glitch on my website where it looked like the most recent chapter was 14, but in fact there were a few more chapters. Here's a link to chapter 15 if you need to start reading from there. Today's installment is chapter 20.

If you like what your see, please tell your friends. That's how I got my influx of Zero Hour readers and I'm tickled pink!


What's New with Jordan?

Hemovore by Jordan Castillo PriceCatch Hemovore Today

Ten years ago, the Human Hemovore Virus blazed through the world, and left the few victims who survived unable to eat, allergic to sunlight and craving the taste of blood.

Mark Hansen used to think V-positives were incredibly sexy with their pale, flawless skin and taut, lean bodies. Not anymore. Not since he’s been stuck procuring under-the-counter feline blood for his control-freak boss, Jonathan Varga. Why cat blood? Mark has never dared to ask.

It’s not as if he's usually at a loss for words. He can dish an insult and follow it with a snap as quick as you can say "Miss Thang". But one look at Jonathan’s black-as-sin gypsy eyes, and Mark’s objections drain away.

So he endures their strange, endless routine: Jonathan hiding in his studio, painting solid black canvases. Mark hurling insults as he buffs the office to a shine with antiviral wipes and maps out the mysterious "routes" he's required to drive.

Then a blurb in Art in America unleashes a chain of events neither of them saw coming. As secrets of Jonathan's past come to light, it becomes clear that all his precautions weren't nearly enough.

Available at My Bookstore and More and other ebook sellers. Paperback in Spring 2010.

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Snip, Snip, Cutting Room Floor

I can't stand throwing anything away--you never know when you might need it! Or in the case of writing, I can't stand to "kill my darlings." They may not populate the final book, but they still live...somewhere on my hard drive. Go to the cutting room floor.

Hemovore snip #1 - The Cat Blood Scene
Mark has set up a meeting with a cat blood dealer in hopes of replacing some blood gone bad. It's highly illegal, and Mark's not exactly the world's slickest criminal. Read the cat blood scene.

Hemovore snip #2 - The Library Scene
In my experience, public buildings are either way too hot or way too cold. And vampires have really lousy internal thermostats. Read the library scene.

Hemovore snip #3 - Alternate Ending
I love my ending as it was published. It makes the story feel complete. This older ending was from many iterations ago, included just for fun. Not safe for work.

Read the (real) first chapter at Samhain Publishing

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The Serpent in the GardenHemovore Under The Hood

Usually I get writing advice out of my system on my weekly podcast, Packing Heat. But since I worked on Hemovore for so long (years!) and it went through so many iterations, it seemed like it needed more that just a podcast episode.

So I wrote Hemovore Under the Hood, a series of four "lessons" based on specific challenges I had writing the novel.

Writers should be able to pick up a few tips, but readers may also be interested to read about how the story evolved. It's not dry, I promise. Think of it as the Director's commentary on the special box edition DVD!

#1 Character
It's a fine line between quirky and annoying.

#2 Exposition
"Show don't tell" is such an overused axiom. How about three concrete examples?

#3 Rich Guy, Poor Guy
Money is way more fun in real life than in fiction.

#4 Location, Location, Location
Do you need to have been somewhere to write about it successfully? Here's how to cheat.

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Zero Hour

Zero Hour - Chapter 20
(click here for whole story starting at chapter 1)
(Many new readers missed chapters 15-19. Click here for chapter 15.)

Ernest focused on the book-shaped monitor and tapped the audio interface, though he suspected the crackly distortion was caused not by a malfunction of the old hardware, but a degradation in the ancient data itself. If Ernest could gain access to the code, he might be able to repair it -- but the "book" wasn't designed for developers. It could only read the part of the data that had been meant for public consumption.

Consumption. Ernest smiled to himself. The "campers" had been marching happily through the forest, talking to one another and laughing, eating things like "berries" and "mushrooms."

And then the screen went red, and a disclaimer that many species of plants and fungi were poisonous appeared, in an attempt to absolve the creator of the datafeed from any potential liability.

Ernest was so focused on the datafeed that he didn't notice one of the others approaching until he sat down hard beside Ernest, shaking the makeshift bench.

It was Abraham, the other C754. His eyes should have looked the same as Ernest's, since barring modifications, the two of them were genetically identical. But they didn't. Abraham's eyes looked…shrewd.

Ernest attempted to congratulate himself on locating the perfect word -- only he didn't feel very successful. Not when Abraham looked at him like that.

click here for the rest of chapter 20 (worksafe)

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