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JCP News
JCP News • Issue 24 • December 2009
Beautiful, Mysterious and Bizarre: M/M Horror & Urban Fantasy by Jordan Castillo Price

JCP News
Issue 24 - December 15, 2009

'Tis I


The striking cover of Hemovore by Kanaxa has won the popular vote for Best Cover of 2009 in the Rainbow Awards. The competition was pretty stiff, because there were so many gorgeous covers to choose from.

Hemovore also received an honorable mention in the Paranormal/Thriller category.

Hemovore Cover by Kanaxa


Packing Heat 80:

What do you do when your piece switches on you? Your novel is a novelette after all; or maybe it's a memoir! How sure are you of your form when you begin?

Packing Heat 81:
Note to Self

It seems to me that being able to find the information you're looking for in your notes is just as important as keeping notes is. Don't you love it when bloggers are really good about tagging their blog posts so that when you're digging a post of theirs, you can find more of the same in a single click? Wouldn't it be great if we could tag our whole lives?

Packing Heat 82:
Write Fast

Sometimes you just need to write fast. While I certainly couldn't sustain the practice of regular 4000-word writing days, here's how I managed a big wordcount weekend.

Packing Heat 83:

Here are some interesting, free writing softwares you can play with if you're bound and determined to noodle around instead of actually producing word count: Storybook, Dark Room, Celtx. P.S. Back up your stuff!


Who's won free loot from JCP?

Shannon and Pia Velento both claimed their copies of Sympathy. Yay!

Chris Owen also won a copy! (Authors are readers too, y'know!)

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From Zero Hour

Elizabeth and Audrey cheered, "Hoorah," and Ernest joined in too, like he'd seen members of crowds do on old-time feeds. Kinesthesia told him he was moving, but it felt nothing like gliding along the city's grid with L0U15E. The railroad seemed to vibrate, with energy, yes, there was energy, because everyone's hair had started to float into the air, crackling with static charge. Except for Will's, which looked like it usually did.

read chapter 24


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The year is winding down!

Is your holiday shopping done yet?

I still have a few gifts to get, and this is despite the fact that my boyfriend and I don't exchange gifts, in the spirit of saving ourselves the hassle of shopping for each other.*

There's a secret Santa signup list at my day job. I see I'm the only one who's signed up in the "Blow it Out Your Ear" column. But hey, if I don't buy a gift for my own partner, I'm not gonna stress myself out shopping for a co-worker! That's just silly.

Still, to tip my Santa hat to the holiday season, I asked a handful of my characters about their Christmas shopping choices. Their answers are below, in the Gift Bag article. I guess I'd rather write about shopping that physically attempt it.

Don't hurt yourself fighting the crowds at the mall! And send me some well-wishes when you drink your eggnog. I love that stuff.


*If I see something I think he'd like, I buy it for him, regardless of whether it's some holiday that "The Man" has imposed to sell greeting cards, yknow? Or a commercialized Christmas season that's forced on us the second the Halloween candy goes on sale.

What's New with Jordan?stroke of midnight

The Stroke of Midnight

a free PsyCop Short

Jacob Marks has noticed that crimes are committed whether or not he happens to have a social engagement on the agenda. Date another PsyCop, and the chance of having a successful night out is cut in half.

Of course Jacob feels sorry for the poor sap in the Fifth Precint who's been shot. But did he have to go and get himself blown away on New Year's Eve?

Coming New Year's Eve 2009 - sign up for JCP News Quick Links to receive a download link when it's available!


Petit MortsPetit Morts

A storefront. You've never noticed it before. It's small, unassuming, and yet there's something about it that draws your eye. And the aroma drifting out, rich and dark, so enticing. How could you have overlooked it? It must be new.

So why does it look like it's been there for ages? And the chocolatier behind the counter...certainly you'd remember him.

Petit Morts: weird, wild, bittersweet novelettes by Josh Lanyon and Jordan Castillo Price

Coming Valentine's Day 2010 from JCP Books

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Exclusive Newsletter Content

Gift Bag

What did you get your significant other for Christmas?

Wild Bill: Piss-in-a-biscuit, do you know how hard it is to figure out which one of them little computers is the right one? Which operating system, they ask me. I didn't know surgery would be involved, I tell 'em--and they think I'm kidding. I am, but it still don't change the fact I have no idea what they're talking about. Even asking which one they would get for themselves if they had their druthers...that landed me in a jumble of meaningless words, gigabytes and megabytes and ram and rom. So I grabbed the most expensive one before Michael got tired of flirting with the kid at the makeup counter and caught me pinned to the electronics counter under a pile of incomprehensible technobabble.

Jacob Marks: I considered getting Vic a suit, a merino wool two-button that actually fit him. I could dope him up and bring him to fitting--I'm kidding, I'm kidding. I could probably snag the jacket that fits him best in the shoulders and see if there's an off the rack size at the Big & Tall shop that would work better than what he's got, and then have a fitting done at the store afterward. But what would it say to him if I did--that I don't think he's capable of dressing himself? It's hard with him. The last thing I need is for him to think I'm condescending. So I don't know. Would it be awful to get him a gift card?

Dr. James Harmon: We haven't celebrated Christmas since 1952, when I told Felice that with all the suffering in the world, I wasn't sure that God even existed. I had convinced myself she'd be devastated. And here she'd been pondering the same thing all along. The relentless jewelry advertisements on television are inescapable, though, and they've planted the idea in me that I'd love to see a diamond on her. I picture myself bringing out one of those boxes with a grand flourish, but who's to say whether I'd get a reaction like the tearful embrace they show on in the commercial, or whether she'd just laugh.

Carolyn Brinkman: I can still remember the look on Doug's face the year he gave me a pink cashmere sweater, and the nicest thing I could say was, "I don't really like pink." I suppose we could have stopped exchanging gifts altogether, but over the years we've just decided to be more creative about our situation. We made up our own tradition called the Gift Grab, where any gift we don't absolutely love gets put into middle of the room, and one of the other family members can steal it. It seems like Libby and Cora end up trading a majority of their presents with each other. They also have a tendency to buy me pink things so they can grab them all, but that's part of the fun. The neighbors probably wonder what all the screaming's about during Gift Grab! Which is fine. I'm sure they think we're all subversive anyway because we actually say what we're thinking, and also because we don't believe in putting chemicals on the lawn.

Michael Davies: Okay, so I thought it would be cool if I could make some kind of home brew for us to celebrate with. They ferment milk in Russia, don't they? But at the wine making shop they said that it's the sugars in milk that create the alcohol during the fermentation process, not the protein. I got the guy to give me a little sample of the culture anyway, and I left my experiment in a locker at the bus station so Bill didn't smell it and figure out what I was trying to do. Let's just say it didn't work. Big time. I kinda threw up in my mouth when I was flushing it down the toilet. Plan B is a Misfits T-shirt from Hot Topic. I don't need to tell him about the bloodbrew.

Victor Bayne: In retrospect, I should have realized it would be a bad idea to ask Crash what I should get Jacob for Christmas. Cut me a break, if anyone likes to voice their opinion, it's him. Plus, he's known Jacob longer than I have. But...yeah. Bad idea. Then I asked Carolyn, and she said she thought Jacob would be thrilled with anything that didn't look like it had come from a gas station mini-mart. While that's true, I'd at least like to be in the ballpark of a good gift. I couldn't see him liking a sweater I've picked out, for instance. Which I say just because he almost never wears a sweater, and the ones he does own would probably give me a heart attack if I saw the price tag. So I went to the gourmet shop and fell on the clerk's mercy, and she set me up with some cheese and imported crackers and--get this--caviar. I hope that's not too hokey, if send him out to get a newspaper and have the spread in the living room by the time he gets back. I should probably get him a new porno, too. Just in case.

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Zero Hour

Zero Hour - Chapter 24
(click here for whole story starting at chapter 1)

As soon as Ernest pushed into the clearing, Will scooped him up and whirled him around. "This is it! This is the start of our new life!"

"It won't be," Abraham said, "if you don't quit patting yourself on the back and get to work."

Bizarre idiom. At least, Ernest thought it was an idiom, though he did sneak a glance at Will's back once Will set him down. Thankfully, there was nothing smoldering on it.

Like every other part of the railroad except the rails themselves, the "car" in which they were to travel had begun its existence as something else entirely—a dumpster. Behind it, another linked "car" hovered over the tracks, little more than a lightweight fiberglass platform with some bundles of tools and POD components strapped to the top.

Abraham had mounted the dumpster to the chassis on its side, with the opening hinged at the top. A metal bar propped the lid open wide enough that the travelers could squeeze into the compartment along with the boxes of protein bars, the spare water, whatever scavenged electronics were deemed important enough to add to the payload….

And Martha.


click here for the rest of chapter 24 (worksafe)

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