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JCP News
JCP News • Issue 25 • January 2010
Beautiful, Mysterious and Bizarre: M/M Horror & Urban Fantasy by Jordan Castillo Price

JCP News
Issue 25 - January 15, 2010

'Tis I


You can find me on Facebook on my author fanpage!

Profound insights include the following:
I started playing with cover art ideas for PsyCop 6 today. I wanted to make some notes within Photoshop but didn't know where to do it. Finally I went in a forum and someone said (plainly, finally) that the note tool is under the eyedropper tool. Who knew?

And of course there are plenty of photos of my cats ;-)



Packing Heat 84:
All Systems Go

Could you get more work done if there was less melodrama in your life? I think some tasks could be relegated to a symple system, which would save on the decision-making, the angst and the guilt. The key is to be aware of which tasks need those individual decisions.

Packing Heat 85:
Habit Forming

How about building the habit of a daily writing practice as a goal in itself, rather than the lofty goal of writing a whole novel or getting pubished? Once you've got the habit, the execution gets a whole lot easier!

Packing Heat 86:
Timely Advice

How are you spending your time? Phone calls, commutes and TV watching are common time-zappers. Let's talk about ways to get value from these otherwise empty activities.

Packing Heat 87:

We get discouraged because we care. But don't let it kill your drive to write. Make a plan!


Who's won free loot from JCP?

Gaycrow stayed up late and won a copy of Sympathy on Wave's blog!

Michael Davies' biggest fan, Chrissie, won something at some point. I don't remember what. I was reeling with the flu.

Hundreds of you also enjoyed Stroke of Midnight for free! (Those of you who grabbed it at Amzon paid a penny!) Please leave a review at Amazon if you enjoyed it--I'd really appreciate it :D

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From Zero Hour

Ernest watched Audrey's fingers play over the dozens of filament-thin wires, locate a matching pair, and twist them together. He was relieved she didn't mention that he hadn't modified L0U15E nearly enough—since the A.I. betrayed him to the Deaconate more readily than Benjamin had, without a trace of regret. And what had her reward been? Reclaim.

read chapter 25


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Happy Twenty-ten!

Wow, JCP news begins its third year! To think I started with 42 subscribers and now I'm over the 500 mark. It blows my mind!

What really motivates me is knowing that if I make, write or otherwise create stuff, there are people out there who can enjoy it. That's the whole point of the arts, isn't it?

Did you have any New Year's resolutions or goals? I might have planned a few, but it's hard to say. I was walloped with a three-week flu that incapacitated me for the holidays, and pretty much for most of the period between December's newsletter and January's. I'll be working hard to ensure that I get my next project out on schedule. And if there are weird fever-lapses within Stroke of Midnight, which I put out in the throes of barely functioning, just take it into account if you so kindly leave some reviews for me at Amazon or any other third party vendor that will allow it.

Hopefully you and yours (and me and mine) will have a happy and healthy 2010.


Jordan Castillo Price on Facebook

What's New with Jordan?

Petit MortsWhipping up a Batch of Stories

Josh and I dish about how we generated the idea for our upcoming Petit Morts project.

Jordan: There's a special place in my heart for TV series that aren't sequential, shows that you can watch as the spirit takes you. You know the kind I mean: Love Boat. Tales from the Crypt. Fantasy Island. Twilight Zone. If you understand the basic premise (i.e. We're-all-on-an-island. Or, something-weird-is-gonna-happen. Or, this-boat-is-so-70s) then you can tune in whenever, wherever, and still enjoy the story.

I've always wondered if it was possible to do something like that with the written word.

Josh: Oh yeah! Definitely. Kind of a like a themed anthology, but no anthology. <g> Anyway, I love short stories. Not just as a reader, but from a writing perspective. They're very challenging to write. Figuring in what to leave in, what to leave out -- making every word count. That's one reason I was thrilled when you came up with the idea for the Petit Morts. (The other reason being I was delighted at the chance to work together again.)

Read the rest of our chat here!

Candy is dandy, but macabre is divine. Petit Morts: weird, wild, bittersweet novelettes by Josh Lanyon and Jordan Castillo Price

Coming Valentine's Day 2010 from JCP Books

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Exclusive Newsletter Content

New Horizons

I'm starting to think ahead about my JCP News fiction feature once Zero Hour is done. I'm not sure exactly when that will be, but the end is in sight sometime this year. (Which means the paperback with its beautiful PL Nunn cover is in sight, yay!)

I thought I'd try something fun and interactive for the next story. To start with, I'll ask all of you two questions about what you like to read, and I'll start generating ideas based on your replies. I'll close out the poll in 10 days or so, to give myself ample time to do my part of the work.

Go to Survey Monkey if you can't view the survey in your email.

Tic Tac Teazer

Here's a new feature for those of you who enjoy puzzles and games! In case you're a visual sort and verbal directions don't do it for you, I've included a sample puzzle solution with puzzle #1. In subsequent months, I'll show the prior month's solution in that spot.

Click the puzzle for a printable PDF.

Puzzle 1Create a path from start to finish that intersects the star. Part of the path is made of Xs and part is made of Os, changing from one to the other at the star. It's your job to figure out which part is which! You may move horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Good luck!

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Zero Hour

Zero Hour - Chapter 25
(click here for whole story starting at chapter 1)

They didn't feel the impact of Benjamin jumping aboard so much as the additional drag his weight added to the supply car. Ernest glanced at Martha's body in its silver shroud. He was glad it was here with him, and not in back with Benjamin. Ernest felt sorry for the retired op, but that didn't mean he expected Benjamin to suddenly develop a sense of decency. Not when it had been trained out of him for the past twenty years.

Ernest fit himself against the wall of the dumpster and drew his legs up to his chest. He flinched when Elizabeth touched him on the shoulder, startling him. "That was brave, what you did. I could never have…" she looked at the far wall—the wall that was once a lid, which still flapped slightly when a breeze rocked the railroad car—and she shuddered. "If I was the one who had to fix it, we would have waited until morning and done it standing still."

"It needed to be done."

click here for the rest of chapter 25 (NOT worksafe)

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