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JCP News
JCP News • Issue 26 • February 2010
Beautiful, Mysterious and Bizarre: M/M Horror & Urban Fantasy by Jordan Castillo Price

JCP News
Issue 26 - February 14, 2010

'Tis I


Since my last newsletter, I've fallen prey to a three-week flu, severe computer problems in which I lost 4 years of email (Archive & Install #1) and my entire iTunes library (Clean Install #2). Frankie was at the emergency vet's for a whole weekend (he's fine now, thanks...I'm glad he's home.)

I'm done with January. Good riddance.

I'm not a last minute type of person. I don't need to create unnecessary melodrama to meet my deadlines. Being over three weeks behind? It stinks.

Maybe in March I'll take a week and do nothing. Nothing at all. That would be sweet.

One good thing I did do in January was a guest spot on Clare London's LJ. Sneak a peek at the career paths I did not take...but might have.




Packing Heat 88:

Sometimes you're in a good frame of mind to write and sometimes not. When should you force yourself, and when should you give up and try again later?

Packing Heat 89:
Five-Year Plan

We're well into January. Have you abandoned your goals yet? Maybe they were too big or too small. Do you have a 5-year plan? Where do you want to be in five years?

Packing Heat 90:

If your writing isn't flowing well, it might help to fix in your mind what your theme is.

Packing Heat 91:

Do you make a promise to your reader when you’re telling a story?


Who's won the latest freebies from JCP?

Chris Owen won another ebook! is clearly smitten with Chris :D

Another lucky soul will win a paperback copy of Camp Hell in a massive gift basket from 1RomanceEbooks, or $100 worth of ebooks! If you go there quickly, you might get in on the scavenger hunt, which ends at Midnight EST on 2/14/2010.

1RomanceEbooks always has specials and coupons, and they're very M/M friendly. I heartily recommend subscribing to their newsletter.


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From Zero Hour

"You're beautiful. Everything about you. Even that arm. Especially that arm. You ripped your shunt loose digging your way out of the Deaconate with that arm, and you came back to me." Will grabbed Ernest's wrist with startling ease—he had a longer reach, and he was stronger, and uninjured as well—and he clasped the arm to his chest, mottled clear-coat and all. He pressed his lips to Ernest's knuckles and said, "I love this arm."

read chapter 26


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Cutie Pie.


Love Me.

No, *|FNAME|*, I haven't lost it. I'm thinking about Sweethearts, the chalky little candy hearts with the messages on them made by NECCO! I had actually hoped to give you a little fun history here, since they add 10 new expressions to their repertoire every year. And then I found out that for 2010, they trashed all of their traditional conversation heart sayings and put only public-submitted sayings on their candy.

Is there a heart that says "boo-hoo?"

I like to think I'm a risk-taker...but changing Sweethearts? Travesty! They even changed the flavors to make them more tangy and modern.

I imagine NECCO will be besieged by outcry, because I can't be the only one who likes my candy just the way it was when I first stuffed it in my mouth.

Here's wishing you the type of valentine's day you love--wildly cutting edge or warm & fuzzy traditional. (Or chalky and hokey; who am I to judge?)


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What's New with Jordan?

Let Us Entice You

Candy is dandy, but macabre is divine. Petit Morts: weird, wild, bittersweet novelettes by Josh Lanyon and Jordan Castillo Price

#1: Hue, Tint and Shade by Jordan Castillo Price
Yellow is as yellow does.

#2: Slings and Arrows by Josh Lanyon
It's a fine line between "secret admirer" and "stalker".

#3: Moolah and Moonshine by Jordan Castillo Price
If you ever go to France, watch out for those ticklers.

#4: Other People's Weddings by Josh Lanyon
Pulling off the perfect wedding can be murder.

#5: Spanish Fly Guy by Jordan Castillo Price
I held my nose I closed my eyes...I took a drink.

Available today from JCP Books

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Exclusive Newsletter Content

Poll Results

Sixty two of you weighed in what you'd like to see once Zero Hour is done! Here's a peek at the types of stories you're looking for.

Survey Resuts

The "other" responses were votes for crimefighting, police/detectives/FBI agents, and a plea that "If I can't have Wild Bill and Michael, I'm done with Vamps for now - overdone to the point of pain."

I'm suprised crimefighting ranks so high. I guess I shouldn't really be, given that Vic's a cop. It's just not a big facet of his personality.

Drat, I love twins! Scratch the twins ideas.

The character question was longer -- too long to show here with a graphic. Here are the votes: Tortured 27, confident 32, skewed 13, boyish 13, optimistic 14, pessimistic 13, contrary 20, naughty 27, nerdy 32, needy 8, complicated 44, hesitant 18, bold 20, obnoxious 5, creative 35, deluded 6, creepy 9, arrogant 13, smug 11, gentle 28, brash 10, private 25, conventionally attractive 12.

Other suggestions included female, Vic, and the caveat that naughty and smug are only great when there's a dash of unexpected sensitivity thrown in. (What a great way to put it!)

So, top three are:
Nerdy or Confident

Bottom three are:

Really? You guys don't like obnoxious? Maybe you all knew I'd throw in a few obnoxious characters for my own delectation so I didn't need additional encouragement.

Next month I'll be back with some more survey-riffic questions for you to help me further shape the course of Zero Hour's precessor.

Tic Tac Teazer

Also on this month's puzzle--last month's solution!

Click the puzzle for a printable PDF.

Puzzle 1Create a path from start to finish that intersects the star. Part of the path is made of Xs and part is made of Os, changing from one to the other at the star. It's your job to figure out which part is which! You may move horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Good luck!

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Zero Hour

Zero Hour - Chapter 26
(click here for whole story starting at chapter 1)

Ernest's shirt snagged on the rough bark of the tree, and the fit of the garment changed as a hole opened at his shoulder blade. The sleeves were gone and the hem was tattered. Will's clothes were looking just as frayed. PODless travel was rough on fabric.

Ernest followed a run in the material of Will's T-shirt with his fingertip. Will caught Ernest's hand, and slipped the finger into his mouth.

click here for the rest of chapter 26 (NOT worksafe)

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