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JCP News
JCP News • Issue 34 • October 2010
Beautiful, Mysterious and Bizarre: M/M Horror & Urban Fantasy by Jordan Castillo Price

JCP News
Issue 34 - October 15, 2010


Hi, Honey, I'm home!

In the Flesh

Come say hello at A Room of One's Own indie feminist bookstore on Tuesday, October 26 at 7 pm, where I'll be giving a special Halloween reading with the Madison Vampire Coven.

A Room Of One's Own Books
307 W Johnson St
Madison, Wisconsin 53703-2218
Phone: (608) 257-7888


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I loved Accidental Genius so much I made it the subject of Packing Heat 124. You can download a free sample chapter ebook or audiobook from Mark Levy's site.

Two college grads from the east cost realize their families are from the same small town in Iowa, so they go back to their roots, plant a single acre of corn, and follow it from seed to harvest. (You've got to love the farmer who humored them through the process.) Also available streaming through Netflix.

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Packing Heat is a podcast I've been putting out since 2007. My goal is to help other writers stay motivated, and to encourage them to take their writing to the next level. You don't need special gadgets to listen; Packing Heat plays in your browser, like YouTube. Or you can subscribe (and leave me glowing feedback) at iTunes!


Packing Heat 121:
Skipping Ahead
What compels an author to regularly skip a certain type of scene?

Packing Heat 122:
Fight for your Rights
What sorts of rights should you be willing to sign away when you submit a contract? Here are some red flags you need to be aware of.

Packing Heat 123:
What's Important
I read some pairs of stories pitted against each other for a writing contest. It got me to thinking analytically about what it is that attracts me to a story. Which elements are most important to you?

Packing Heat 124:
Final Ep
Think you know how to freewrite? Get turbocharged with Accidental Genius.

And that's all she wrote! I've said all I have to say about writing, and I plan to use the time freed up by discontinuing the podcast on other projects. I'll leave full archives of the show all the way back to #1 up at the Packing Heat site so you can continue to browse through them as you need inspiration.

I've also added a tag cloud to make it easier for you to find shows on subjects relevant to you.

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Happy harvest,

This month I went to scope out Iowa so I could begin planning Insomniac, the sequel to Sleepwalker. I figured Iowa would be basically the same as Wisconsin. We're neighbors, after all. How different could it be? Right?


Iowa is planted with corn from one end of the state to the other. I thought I knew what a cornfield looked like. I live out in the country myself. I can walk out to the main road, point, and say, "There's a cornfield. It begins here and ends over there."

In Iowa, you can drive for half an hour (doing 70) and still not see the end of the cornfield. I did over ten hours of driving in Iowa, and after a while, the sheer scale of the production overwhelmed me.

Since I had recently watched the film King Corn--strangely enough, to research Starving Years and not Insomniac--I knew that this corn wasn't what most people know as corn, i.e., frozen corn, canned corn, corn on the cob. It was corn destined for animal feed, high fructose corn syrup, and ethanol. An entire state was planted with this stuff that could hardly be called food. I also knew it wasn't a very lucrative crop, which was why it needed to be done on such a large scale.

I did a little research, and discovered that after costs, a farmer can make about $200 per acre of corn per season. An acre's about the size of a football field. Work it all year, and depending on a bunch of variables, have $200 to show for it.

Then, I recalled a farmer friend telling me that she'd heard growing hops was pretty profitable, and maybe something her husband could look into since their dairy farm kept losing money. So I researched hops. In 2007 (when there was a shortage), after costs an acre of hops could bring in $21,000.

Yep, you read that right. One acre. Twenty-one grand.

My friend never planted hops, by the way. No particular reason. Just didn't feel like dealing with it.

Most of us don't "plant hops," I think. We "plant corn," because that's what everyone else is doing, and that's we're accustomed to doing, and even though there's very little profit in it, we don't need to think too hard about it--just keep plunking those kernels into the dirt like we always have been.

I hope to discover what "planting hops" means for me. Maybe planting less corn will free up some mental acreage that will allow me to make that discovery. I plan to cut back on some social networking and to wrap up my three-year stint of producing Packing Heat to free up my fields for a more valuable crop.

I encourage you to plant your own hops. Don't worry, the world won't run out of corn. Most people don't have the guts to plant hops.



What's New with Jordan?

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Rainbow eBooks

Rainbow Ebooks is an online e-book seller that carries all GLBT content from a variety of publishers and independant authors. This is very exciting to me; I've been hoping for an all-GLBT place to get my ebooks for a while now.

I'll be a featured author this weekend, October 16-17 at Rainbow eBooks. What does that mean to you?

A whopping 20% off all my titles at Rainbow
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Exclusive Newsletter Content

Oh So Sweet

I hope to have these sweet little reads ready to drop into Trick-or-Treat bags this Halloween! Sign up for "a quick link" emails and you'll be notified right when they go up for sale.

To whet your appetite, I sent Carolyn Brinkman off to ask a few questions for JCP News from the star of the series, Chance....


I've been sitting in this candy store for an hour waiting for my interview subject to show up, and I'm starting to get peeved. Maybe he couldn't find it. I could have sworn this used to be an auto parts store, though maybe I'm mixing it up with the building on Clyborn, since obviously this shop is well-established.

First the overwhelming smell of chocolate hit me, and then once I got used to that, the clerk started making espresso—and that overpowered the chocolate smell. Now he's…what are you doing?

Chance: Making fudge.

Carolyn: Now he's making fudge. What flavor?

Read the rest of the intervew here!

Petit Morts Batch #2

Did you catch Sean Kennedy's Petit Morts interview last month?

And Josh Lanyon's interview for the first Petit Morts batch?

They're both here!

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The Starving Years

The Starving Years, Chapter 8

Start reading at Chapter 1

Tim squeezed out of the bedroom. There was nowhere to walk, nowhere to even stand comfortably. Randy had the recliner open so far it was practically horizontal. He lay still beneath the plastic bag of veg-o-mix, which sagged, mostly thawed, to cover the top half of his face. Javier lingered by the window with no view. Marianne was engrossed in the Internet. Tim hoped she didn't notice how fast the connection was, or if she did, that she'd chalk it up to a quirk of the telecom system.

"Voice of Reason still hasn't updated," she said. She sounded genuinely concerned.

Javier went to her side and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. "I'm sure it's nothing. He…they…probably can't get online. That's all."

Marianne pressed her head against his arm. "I wish I was home." She gave a sheepish look over her shoulder. "No offense, Tim. I totally owe you one for getting me away from the crazies. But right now I want to crawl into bed, pull my covers up over my head, and pretend today was just a really messed-up dream."

click here to read The Starving Years 8-9 (worksafe), and to vote for next month

Voting for next month's installment will be open until 10/25


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