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JCP News
JCP News • Issue 38 • February 2011
Beautiful, Mysterious and Bizarre: M/M Horror & Urban Fantasy by Jordan Castillo Price

JCP News
Issue 38 - February 15, 2011


Hi, Honey, I'm home!

Blogs and Updates

Update: the standing desk I told you about in last month's newsletter is a big success. I'm going to keep my eyes open for someone getting rid of a treadmill and try my hand at that, next.

Why a standing desk? Well, I realized that unless I'm getting structured exercise, especially in the winter when it's too brutal outside to go for walks, I'm completely sedentary. Standing rather than sitting burns an extra 50 calories per hour, and when you work as many hours as I do, that amount adds up!

If you want to try it without dedicating a fancy setup to a standing desk, how about this? Do some longhand plotting or journaling by hand standing at the kitchen counter, or on an ironing board. Try it for half an hour a day and see what you think!

Here's an article on the virtues of standing. (20lb per year's worth of virtues!)

Blog: I had to snowshoe around my house to uncover my dryer vent. What an adventure. Read it on my LJ.

Blog: When Man-on-Man is like Brussels Sprouts, for Clare London's birthday bash month

Blog: I was the first featured author at Full Moon Bites.

Blog: Petit Morts week at Brief Encounters was a blast.

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It's been a month of do-not-finish. And also, "You mean that's the ending? Oh." So no recommendations at the moment.

I tried listening to John Saul's Black Creek Crossing and it was well-written, but too scary for me! That's a new one.

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Who's Lucky?

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Big Red NotebookSometimes it's the little things in life that brighten your day. In my case, it was finding nearly a whole empty section in my big red notebook!

I started this very typical and inexpensive 5-subject notebook in 2008 while I was writing Secrets. I earmarked the sections for things like character sheets, timelines, plotting and journaling. And then somehow, over the past few years, proceeded to write all over it in a big mishmash.
Sometimes I'd get a new idea that didn't seem to fit into any of those categories, so I'd start at the back of a section and write backwards. (Hey, great idea—that gives me 10 sections instead of 5!) And then I'd realize that you really only need a few sheets for character dossiers, so I could just skip ahead and start freewriting or plotting. And then I got a sample of some removable tabs from Post-it, and that allowed me to pick places to write even more randomly, because I could flag them for importance if I needed to find them again.

SectionsThere's something about the cheapness and haphazardness of the big red notebook that tells my subconscious, it's okay. No need to be formal here. Just have a thought, and write it anywhere. Maybe you only need to get it on paper to make it clear in your mind. Or maybe it's something you'll want to refer to again—in which case, you'll find it. Just flip through. Or you may find some other interesting nugget while you're searching, and that's okay, too.
But that whole empty part that I didn't know was there? Hot damn—it's just like Christmas morning! I can't wait to write in it!

Here's wishing you a joyous discovery of your own this month.


PsyCop News

GhosTV Blurb and Dates

GhosTVI've been living and breathing GhosTV lately. It's the longest and most ambitious PsyCop novel yet, and my beta readers tell me it's a real page-turner! Here's the book blurb:

For the past dozen years, Victor Bayne has solved numerous murders by interrogating witnesses only he can see—dead witnesses. But when his best friend Lisa goes missing from the sunny California campus of PsyTrain, the last thing he wants to find there is her spirit.

Disappearing without a trace in a school full of psychics? That's some trick. But somehow both Lisa and her roommate have vanished into thin air. A group of fanatics called Five Faith has been sniffing around, and Lisa's email is compromised.

Time is running out, and with no ghosts to cross-examine, Vic can't afford to turn down any offers of help. An old enemy can provide an innovative way to track Vic's missing friend, and he enters into an uneasy alliance—even though its ultimate cost will ensnare him in a debt he may never manage to settle.

Release Date
The first chapter is up right now at, and you can buy the ebook 2/24! I'll send out a heads-up email when it's live in the shopping cart. It may take a day or two to load to Amazon for the Kindle, so if you want to grab it ASAP, get it direct from my online store.

The paperback has a longer production time, so I expect that to be available about 6 weeks after the ebook if all goes smoothly. (I just did the Sweet Oblivion paperback so all the steps should be fresh in my mind!)

Channeling MorpheusSweet Oblivion in Paperback

A Bitter Taste of Sweet OblivionA Bitter Taste of Sweet Oblivion, the paperback version of the Sweet Oblivion series, is available now!

Staking a vampire's not so easy now that Michael's got a vampire of his very own. Although killing them is no longer an option, he's as determined as ever to stop the spread of vampirism.

Wild Bill is a lover, not a fighter—so he's tickled when Michael's new agenda, to dispense condoms and sterile phlebotomy gear among vampires, replaces the old "heads will roll" approach.

It takes courage to track down vamps in their own territory and deliver a lecture on safe sex, and more importantly, safe bloodletting. Michael's never been short on audacity...but he's finding that he and Wild Bill aren't the only ones with agendas.


This was my favorite Wild Bill line from the book: "I don't pick fights. I don't shoot people. I don't hit girls. That ain't me—got it? That ain't me."

I see some of the Amazons list it as coming soon and some say it's in stock. I think it should show up at the Book Depository soon.

To prove how much I need you to click the tags on Amazon….

It's critical to put checkmarks next to the tags of my Amazon books so that they'll show up in searches and lists. For every 50 checkmarks I see on A Bitter Taste of Sweet Oblivion's tag set, I'll give away a signed copy of the book to a random member of this newsletter list who clicks through one of the product links below. (Not each tag added together, but a little number 50 next to all of the tags in the set! I want to see some serious tagging!) To drive up those numbers, ask your friends or blog readers to tag, it only takes a few seconds once you sign in.

I've found I'm able to log into Amazon US, UK, Canada, Germany and France with the same email address. (I was unable to figure out where to add tags in Germany and France, but maybe you'll see a spot.) I'll count tags on all the sites, so if fifty people tagged the book on each of these sites, I'd be giving away one book per site. Make sense?

Click here to see what tags look like

Here are the product pages: (I was unable to tag here) (I was unable to tag here) (I was unable to sign in or tag here)

I'll just compile a spreasheet of everyone who's gone through one or more of these links and pick my winners with, so you only need to go through one link from inside your newsletter to get in the drawing.

As an indie publisher, I rely on your support. If you're ever browsing on Amazon and find tags in my books you haven't checked, please take a few seconds to check them. And, of course, if you've read and enjoyed the series, I'd be insanely grateful if you left a review.

I just saw that Channeling Morpheus for Scary Mary is currently in the top-100 erotic horror in Canada! How cool!

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The Starving Years

The Starving Years, Chapter 18

Start reading at Chapter 1

It felt wrong when Tim woke up. Wrong temperature. Wrong smell. Wrong bed. Wrong room. Tim hadn't fallen asleep anywhere other than his own bed in his own room in years, not since he and his ex were dating, before they'd moved in together. Before they'd broken up. The couch and the trailer came back to him first—and then the memory of….

Tim stared at the ceiling, baffled. The texture looked vague in the cool, gray pre-dawn light.

Had he actually done what he thought he'd done?

It seemed as if he had.


click here to read The Starving Years 18-20 (NOT worksafe)

I'm changing the voting to a comment box since we're about 2-3 months away from finishing the novel, so I'll need to be in the driver's seat for the remainder of the journey! Thank you, all of you, who participated. I always looked forward to opening up the poll to see the messages you'd written to me.


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Books and Stories
Psycop: Property (Paperback, contains Body & Soul and Secrets)
PsyCop: Partners (Paperback, contains Among the Living and Criss Cross)
Camp Hell: A PsyCop Novel (Paperback)

With free worldwide shipping at The Book Depository

PsyCop Ebooks:
Among the Living - PsyCop Book 1
Criss Cross - PsyCop Book 2
Body & Soul - PsyCop Book 3 (2nd edition, 10/23/09)
Secrets - PsyCop Book 4
Camp Hell - PsyCop Book 5
Thaw PsyCop Short 1.1, FREE!
Striking Sparks PsyCop Novelette 2.1
Many Happy Returns PsyCop Short 2.2
Mind Reader PsyCop Short 2.3, FREE!
Stroke of Midnight PsyCop Short 3.1, FREE!

Petit Morts Ebooks:
Hue, Tint, and Shade

Slings and Arrows by Josh Lanyon
Moolah and Moonshine
Other People's Weddings by Josh Lanyon
Spanish Fly Guy
Pretty Ugly
Sort of Stranger than Fiction by Josh Lanyon
One Less Stiff at the Funeral by Sean Kennedy
Critic's Choice by Josh Lanyon
Wishink Well

Petit Morts Batch #2

Channeling Morpheus Ebooks:


Heaven Sent: a Channeling Morpheus Short

Sweet Oblivion Ebooks:


Channeling Morpheus Paperbacks:
Channeling Morpheus for Scary Mary (Paperback, contains Payback, Vertigo, Manikin, Tainted and Rebirth) -,,,,, Flipkart,

With free worldwide shipping: The Book Depository

A Bitter Taste of Sweet Oblivion (Paperback, contains Brazen, Snare, Fluid, Elixir, Swarm) -, Amazon,,,,

Other Stories:
Sleepwalker creepy museum thriller - novella
Betweentimes funny standalone short
Sympathy standalone contemporary romance - novelette
Hemovore vampire thriller - novel
The Art of Dying paperback - novella anthology with Josh Lanyon
The Art of Dying ebook - novella anthology with Josh Lanyon
The Serpent in the Garden - m/f short
The Voice
Kindred Spirits

Kindle Editions:
The PsyCop series, including the Crash shorts Striking Sparks and Many Happy Returns, can now be purchased in the Kindle Store.
Many Happy Returns (Kindle Edition)
Starlight (Kindle Edition)
Kindred Spirits (Kindle Edition)
Striking Sparks (Kindle Edition)
Verdant (Kindle Edition)
The Voice (Kindle Edition)
Any of the mobi ebooks on will also work on the Kindle!

Downloading direct to your iPhone or iPod?
Try the Smashwords tab in the Stanza app; many JCP Books, LLC titles are there--even some freebies! Buying the epub versions and importing them via iTunes works too.

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