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JCP News
JCP News • Issue 39 • March 2011
Beautiful, Mysterious and Bizarre: M/M Horror & Urban Fantasy by Jordan Castillo Price

JCP News
Issue 39 - March 15, 2011


Hi, Honey, I'm home!

Blogs and Updates

Update: I'm working on the paperback of GhosTV now, so it should be out within a few weeks. I'll either have a date or be finished by the next time I check in with you! Next up is Zero Hour, which got a big re-edit while GhosTV was in proofing, and which I haven't so much as glimpsed in well over a month. Maybe two.

Update: Still not enough tag-clicks on A Bitter Taste of Sweet Oblivion for me to give away a paperback.

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Here are the product pages:

Blog: Why you shouldn't feel bad about firing the professionals you hire if they don't work out. Picking a Pro

Blog: What do those bizarre dreams mean? And how weird is it that so many of us are dreaming the same things? Dreaming Dreams

Article: This article is from last year's National Novel Editing a link to get you geared up for this year's NaNoEdMo article, which should be published any day now! Fresh Eyes - The Next Best Thing

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Do the happy-dance with me!

Wow, what a relief to be finished with GhosTV! Not only did I have enormous stage fright with this book, but I wrote it during some times of great change in my life, so it didn't exactly flow. And that's an understatement. In the end, though, I was very pleased because the way it ultimately came out was as tight, or maybe even tighter, than it would have been if I'd just had a breezy writing experience and not had to scrutinize the crap out of it.

Thank you so much to everyone who's left a review on Amazon and clicked the tags! Amazon's mysterious algorithms have ranked GhosTV in some very weird categories. (Lesbian?) Ah well. I'm just happy it's selling and people are saying nice things about it--in fact, I just received word that GhosTV has received the coveted Golden Blush rating at Literary Nymphs. Yay!

Here's hoping you figure out a way to muscle through your own challenges, and that life's weird algorithms are good to you,


PsyCop News

Recommendations, iPod/iPad music apps

Those of you who are cat owners know that cats have their "favorite spots," and those spots go in and out of favor. One week you'll notice the cat won't budge from a certain box or the back of the couch, and the next week they could care less about that spot. They've moved on to a windowsill or a laundry basket, or maybe the sink.

I'm like that. I'm not really sure why.

Last year I decided I hated my office (which really is the most attractive room in the house) and I moved my writing workstation into the kitchen. Then I developed the standing desk I wrote about a couple months ago. Then I finished GhosTV and…weirdly enough, I suddenly noticed that I was hanging out longer and longer in the old office. I need to feed the cats separate diets, and Frankie gets fed in the office, and I noticed I was hanging out in there reading my book long after he was done eating…and I realized I liked it again.

So I've been moving a lot of furniture. The office looks good! I even celebrated by getting a couple of new apps on my iPod so I can play music while I'm in there without having to stream it through my laptop (because while my $300 XP refurb is great for plain old writing, I try not to overtax it by streaming music through it too.)

The SomaFM app lets me stream my favorite online stations through my iPod, and even introduced me to some I hadn't known about before. These are great stations for writing because most of the music has no lyrics. I find I can't listen to lyrics while I'm writing words; my brain starts freaking out.

Immersion Station is a set of five ambient loops you can mix by moving spheres around. There are pre-mixed configurations, and you can save your own. The interface is really gorgeous…though I hopped right in without looking at any help files and my initial reaction was "what the heck?" It's kind of alien, in a very cool way.

Relax Melodies Premium has nature sounds and music loops you can mix and match to create background noise. If you're wearing headphones you can also add binaural beats, which affect your brain waves. I find I enjoy just mixing and matching the different sounds and using it without headphones. There's a free version too, but with less sounds to play with.

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Scrivener Rocks the House

Scrivener and Dropbox
I apologize if my gushing over Scrivener never seems to end…but how can it when this program is so dang cool?

Scrivener for Windows - still in beta, still free, but when it becomes for-pay it will probably be less than $50 and entirely worth it.

Initially I'd had problems taking files back and forth between my PC and my Mac. Someone suggested I install Dropbox on both computers and have my scrivener files live there. The Dropbox folder is a folder that is synched between your computers and also online. WORKED LIKE A CHARM. I did crash Scrivener for Windows once but I don't seem to have lost any data. I think the key is that you need to be sure to close the file in one location before opening it in another. And if I do a particularly big chunk of writing, I also export it as an .rtf as a backup in case the Scrivener file goes weird. The backup takes all of 3 seconds, so no biggie.

Funny, I remember when you couldn't even think about opening a Mac file on a PC and vice versa. Hooray for cross-platform capability.

If you want to try Dropbox to synchronize or back up your files (it's free, and compatible with Win/Mac/Linux/Mobile) and you go through this link, we'll both get extra free storage space! Not just for the purpose of using Scrivener, but if you find yourself working between two or more computers, it's very useful.

Scrivener 2.0 for Mac - dude, this program is like magic. I discovered a character name generator with all kinds of variables you can toggle on and off, like whether you want sturdy, common British and American sounding names, or you want more exotic names like Catalan or Hindi. Or hyphenated. Or alliterated. I discovered the option to add "dictionary" names to the mix today…and generated the rather unfortunate name Jack Tickle, which sounds like a masturbatory technique.

Here are some names it generated with low-obscurity American, Catalan and Dictionary name-sources.
Matthew Ciuró
Mark Rand
John Hudson
William Foster
Joseph Libra
Jeffrey Ides
John Gordon
Robert Fecundo
William Anderson
Steven Arrow

(Hey, I have a friend with one of these names, what a riot!)

I think they should add a plot-twist generator next. I could just see it. "A minor character - makes an announcement - sheepishly." (randomized character/action/descriptor with wonderful options like the name generator) That would be so cool for getting unstuck.

Scrivener on Linux - holy crap, a build is available on Linux too! I'm completely useless when it comes to Linux but maybe you're not. Seriously. I can't even install a stinking timer. Drag-and-drop it ain't.

Structurally, the free software Celtx is similar to Scrivener in the way it puts together its projects as collections of files rather than one long file, and though it's designed for screenplay writing, could certainly work for a novelist. It also has interesting modules like character sheets and location notes. I might recommend this more for Linux users. It's been around longer. Grab Celtx here.

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The Starving Years

The Starving Years, Chapter 21

Start reading at Chapter 1

It was clear to Javier that something shady was going on at Canaan Products. It had been speculation so far. An educated guess. But Nelson had been poring through their formulae and their records—and he was so engrossed by what he'd found that he hadn't made a dick joke in nearly ten hours.

"We're running out of paper," Tim said.

Javier glanced at the printer. Stacks of printouts surrounded it: email, databases, files. Tim had been unearthing the information ten times faster than Javier could even skim it. "How much more is there?"

Tim tallied up the figures listed on the monitor, scrolled down, counted some more, scrolled again, and finally said, "Lots."


click here to read The Starving Years 21-23 (NOT worksafe)

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