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JCP News
JCP News • Issue 41 • May 2011
Beautiful, Mysterious and Bizarre: M/M Horror & Urban Fantasy by Jordan Castillo Price

JCP News
Issue 41 - May 15, 2011


Hi, Honey, I'm home!

Blogs, Updates, Recommendations and Help Wanted

Greek Reader Needed:
I'm looking for someone who lives in Greece, or is familiar first hand with its current culture and political climate, to beta-read one of the next Petit Morts stories. Email me at if you or someone you know is interested!

Update: GhosTV is now out in paperback. It's in-stock at ,, and the Book Depository, and is available for pre-order at and Expect to see it popping up soon at other Amazons.

Post: Writing coach extrordinaire Jurgen Wolff is having a Massive Action day May 28. Read about it on my LJ.

Recommended: Evernote
I'll bet you thought I was going to recommend Scrivener yet again, didn't you! No, this month's "I love this" recommendation is about Evernote. It's free. It's multiplatform. But what is it, exactly?

I'd describe it as a thought catcher. Fans of David Allen's Getting Things Done system will recognize the strategy of writing down all your appointments and unfinished tasks so you no longer need to keep revisiting them mentally to see if you've forgotten about anything. If you trust that things are on your list, then you can free that mental space to actually do your work.

Notes are simple to tag, categorize and search. To-do lists are easy to create with clickable checkboxes. The most interesting thing I did on Evernote lately was to find a recipe online on my desktop, store it in Evernote, then pull it up in the kitchen on my iPod without having to print it out! I also use Evernote to take notes about my ebook creation workflow, and about complicated Excel functions as I learn more about spreadsheets.

Though Evernote's versatility makes it difficult for me to describe, the open-endedness of it as a productivity tool is exactly what I love about it. You could use it to keep your reading lists, to write books, to make note of web pages to revisit, to plan a project...really anything that involves multiple steps or keeping reference material. They have plenty of videos describing its uses on the website, so go take a peek if you're interested!

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The following readers won ebooks of their choice for opening their newsletters!




Ali won a copy of Payback for participating in the Channeling Morpheus poll

I won a copy of Dreamweaver CS 5.5 this month for attending an Adobe-sponsored meeting. Yay!

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It's getting warmer in Wisconsin, and you know what that means? Garage sales! (Also allergies and yard work, but garage sales are a lot more fun to write about.) Garage sales are a wonderful melange of psychology. Studies in behavioral economics show that people who own items place higher values on those things they own than the item's potential buyer. Here's an interesting paper on the subject. So it would seem that most yard sales would end in, "What the heck, I'd never pay ten bucks for a used toaster that might or might not work! I can't believe I just wasted my time driving out here!"

But often enough, the buyer walks away going, "Yay, I can't believe I found this!" while the seller is thinking, "Yay, I'm so relieved someone bought that." Chasing that win/win is a big part of what garage sale-ing and thrift store shopping are all about. Some of my strategies include:

Make a list. Even if there are weird things on it. I had fish food on my last list. I didn't find it, but it got plenty of amused "Hm!"s from the sellers I read my list aloud to. Bonus: everyone's intrigued by your list if you read it out loud.

Bring a friend. My friend says she finds better stuff when I come with her. Mainly I tease her about buying too many old magazines, so maybe she's happy to simply come home with fewer of them. Also she spotted the peppermill that was on my last list. The seller had it lying on a tarp on the ground next to a bunch of shoes. I would never have looked there.

Consider the cost. Are you agonizing over something that costs $1 or less? If you think you need it, get it. I saw a new pet nail trimmer for a buck and I'm kicking myself for not buying it. Conversely, also consider the cost of owning the item. If it will take up space and create clutter, carefully consider whether you're likely to use it. You could also enforce a 1-in, 1-out rule, which I do with clothes and shoes. Beware, your family members may hoard crappy items to toss so they can stick to the letter of the rule rather than the spirit!

The ultra-modern SkyriterExpect the unexpected. I certainly didn't set out to buy a manual typewriter on my last venture, but I saw this beauty and gasped at its fabulousness, and my friend said, "You need that. I'm buying it for you." It turns out the Smith Corona Skyriter is now a very popular model among manual typewriter enthusiasts. It was made in the late 40's and 50's, named for the newly popular air travel, and it was designed to fit under an airline seat! The seller, an older lady, sighed fondly and said, "I learned to type on that." My friend told everyone we talked to that day that she bought it for me to celebrate the occasion of me becoming a full-time author.

How awesome is that?

Dude, my typewriter totally rocks
Here's to catching those elusive, yet satisfying win/wins....


PsyCop News

PsyCop Love

Did you know that when more than one reader highlights a passage of an ebook on the Kindle, the highlighted part shows up on the product page? (You can turn this function off in your preferences if you find it invasive. Here's the instructions.) I loved seeing that several readers highlighted the part in GhosTV where Vic tells Jacob how much he loves him :D

Also gratifying, the paperback made it into the top 10 in gay fiction on Amazon.

Since my quick link blast went out, GhosTV has become available at the Book Depository.

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Channeling Morpehus Re-Launch

Thank you to everyone who clicked the tags on Payback's Amazon page. (Clicking the tags on the books of authors you enjoy helps them rank better in Amazon's search engines. Here's a picture of what those tags look like, if you're not familiar.)

Also, a huge thanks to all of you who answered my poll about whether to re-name the Sweet Oblivion series. Many of you gave wonderfully thoughtful and extended answers, and I appreciated all of them. While there were great reasons both for and against re-naming Sweet Oblivion 1-5 as Channeling Morpheus 5-10, I've decided that when the re-release of Brazen comes around, I'll go with Channeling Morpheus for the whole shebang because I'm concerned a new reader might pick up the series at Sweet Oblivion #1 without realizing they're actually somewhere in the middle.

If you left a review of Payback on Amazon for the first edition, I'd love it if you copied that review to the second edition's page. (Thanks, Elisa Rolle, for adding your review!) Unlike most first and second editions, Payback's editions won't be linked because they have two different publishers.

Keep your eye out for Vertigo, which will be re-released in early June.

If you're subscribed to my "Quick Link" email, you'll get an email when the second edition of Vertigo: Channeling Morpheus 2 comes out.

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The Starving Years

The Starving Years, Chapter 27

Start reading at Chapter 1

Tim had heard stories about The Tombs from his activist friends, the type who not only handed out pamphlets on HIV awareness and legalizing gay marriage, but the type who'd chain themselves to trees or streak into a live newscast with a cryptic protest message scrawled in lipstick across their bare ass.

They'd told him the place was dehumanizing. They'd told him that the scumbags in the cells used the sinks as urinals, even though there was a toilet in every cell (conveniently located where everyone could see you using it.) They'd told him about the endless flights of stairs that make you feel like you're going down, down, down into an industrial labyrinth.

They hadn't mentioned the aura of resigned acceptance the staff seemed to have about working there. Riot? Explosion? A sudden influx of screaming, bloody, potentially contaminated children? Just another day in the life in Lower Manhattan.


click here to read The Starving Years 27 (worksafe)

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One Less Stiff at the Funeral by Sean Kennedy
Critic's Choice by Josh Lanyon
Wishink Well

Petit Morts Batch #2

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Heaven Sent: a Channeling Morpheus Short Payback

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Sleepwalker creepy museum thriller - novella
Betweentimes funny standalone short
Sympathy standalone contemporary romance - novelette
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