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JCP News
JCP News • Issue 42 • June 2011
Beautiful, Mysterious and Bizarre: M/M Horror & Urban Fantasy by Jordan Castillo Price

JCP News
Issue 42 - June 14, 2011


Hi, Honey, I'm home!

Blogs, Updates and Recommendations

I participated in Jurgen Wolff's Massive Action Day in May and got a big chunk of The Starving Years written. I also won a CD from him, yay! It's not here quite's winging its way to Wisconsin from London. He's having another Massive Action Day on July 10. Join us if you'd like to kickstart your project. (I may be resting my eyeballs...but I might not be able to resist picking at a project.)

Recommended: Since I'm on a Jurgen Wolff kick, I'll first recommend Your Writing Coach, which I've re-read several times, as well as Focus: Use the Power of Targeted Thinking to Get More Done, which I just started, and which is fabulous already.

Post: One of Jurgen's suggestions on Massive Action Day was to use June 1 as a middle-of-the-year new year, and to take stock of your achievements thus far and re-evaluate your goals. I did that on my LiveJournal.

Recommended: Podcast listeners should enjoy Back to Work, a show featuring Merlin Mann of 43 Folders. Merlin gained fame as a productivity guru, but lately he's shifted his focus to encouraging listeners to determine what they care about rather than seeking out more gimmicks and productivity hacks.

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I won a creativity hypnosis CD from Jurgen Wolff! Yay! (Oh boy, I just got it in the mail! Can't wait to listen!)

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Nice to see you!

Between this newsletter and the next, I will have two eyeballs the same! Why don't I have two eyeballs the same currently, you may ask? Five years ago I had a lasic procedure called "monovision," which is a fancy way of saying I had one nearsighted eyeball corrected but not the other.

In theory, the lasic eye should see distance well, the uncorrected eye should see close-up well, and my brain should figure out how to switch between the two. Either my brain said, "No way, Jose," or my close vision deteriorated in my close eye, or probably both. So I'm stuck wearing glasses all the time anyway. And when I don't have glasses on, everything both close and far looks totally screwy because my eyeballs are different.

I'm having that fixed in July. I can't wait.

Consequently, I'd like to take some time off afterward to rest my eyes, so I'm hurrying to finish some projects and will probably send an abbreviated newsletter out in July. I plan to take a month-long break with my serialized fiction--because I finished The Starving Years in a humongous stream of enthusiasm and productiveness! (17.5k words!) The next serial, Magic Mansion, needs a bit more planning. I want to do some additional research and strategy before I launch the first chapter. What I can tell you is that there will be voting! I loved that interactiveness about The Starving Years and I think it will be a riot in Magic Mansion.

And speaking of serials, the slick, edited version of Zero Hour will be out in ebook and paperback soon! (Before my eye surgery if all goes to plan!)

Here's looking at you...

PsyCop News

PsyCop Flash Contest

I ran a PsyCop flash fiction prompt contest at this month where readers could suggest flash fic they'd like to see, with the following stipulations:

The entries must be a single sentence

They must be 20 words or less

They must contain either a color, a smell, or an object smaller than a bread box

Here are the entries. It was very hard to pick a winner! The final story sprawled past the "flash" length into "short story" length, though I suspect no one's going to complain about it being too long. Read Inside Out - a PsyCop Short, on I'll also make it available as an ebook on soon.

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Vertigo CoverVertigo: Channeling Morpheus novelette #2, second edition

The second edition of Vertigo is out. It's available now at JCP Books and will hit the shelves at Amazon and B&N shortly. What can I say about the Wild Bill model...other than sighing and gazing dreamily into his eyes?

I just received an email from a reader asking about my cover art. I do the JCPbooks covers myself. I'll start adding a statement to that effect on the copyright page!

Keep your eye out for Manikin, which will be re-released in August.

If you're subscribed to my "Quick Link" email, you'll get an email when the second edition of Manikin: Channeling Morpheus 3 comes out.

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The Starving Years

The Starving Years, Chapter 28

Start reading at Chapter 1

Tim had thought they were on the lowest level of The Tombs, but he'd been wrong. Two more flights of stairs later, they found themselves at a barred metal door where a stout woman with a permanent frown looked like she was just waiting for an excuse to turn away someone who'd come this far. Tim and Randy both stood straighter and did their best to look trustworthy and earnest as she scanned their paperwork. "You're picking up Pham Duc Danh?" She said the non-English name with a surprising lack of hesitancy.

"Yes, ma'am," Tim said, projecting as much humility and respect with those two words as he could muster—though the emotions he was attempting to convey were probably lost amid the sound of wailing coming from the hallway beyond the bars.


click here to read the big finale of The Starving Years (worksafe)

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