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JCP News
JCP News • Issue 43 • July 2011
Beautiful, Mysterious and Bizarre: M/M Horror & Urban Fantasy by Jordan Castillo Price

JCP News
Issue 43 - July 15, 2011


Hi, Honey, I'm home!

Blog posts, Updates and Recommendations

My Lasik surgery was a success! After five years of trying to make monovision work and finally admitting that it just didn't, I now have both eyes the same. The procedure's still pretty fresh and the lasik will be settling in over the next three weeks, but I'm already thrilled with the results. I bought reading glasses but haven't needed to use them yet. I remember having big problems with glare when I had the first eye done, but I don't notice it with the second eye. It just works. That's how I like it.

Request: I'd love it if you could click the category tags on Zero Hour's Amazon page. It will only take a few seconds. Here's what tags look like.

Post: I'm gathering ideas on how we waste time when we'd rather be working toward a goal. If you have any personal experiences you'd like to share, come leave a reply.

Post: Puffy had a successful oral surgery and is doing awesome. No more surgeries allowed around here. We've had plenty for one month.

Post: Monday morning might not be the best time to go grocery shopping...and chicken-flinging ensues.

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The following readers won ebooks of their choice for opening their newsletters!

Jennifer (Zero Hour quick link)

Viktor (Inside out quick link)

Laura (June JCP News)

I won the book Try Something Different from Jurgen Wolff's July massive action day!

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A few months ago I gave my old craft supplies to my friend's kid. And you know how nature abhors a vacuum? Guess what--I've figured out yet another art supply to collect! (I'm sure none of us are particularly shocked.) It's pens!

Puffy helpsSpecifically dip pen nibs. When I was producing the final ebooks and paperback for Zero Hour, I decided that since the story had a kind of Alice in Wonderland quality, it would really be cool if it had some illustrations. So I broke out the ol' pen and ink gear and got to work trying to shake off the dust, since I haven't done a whole hell of a lot of drawing in years. Here's Puffy helping me with some lettering. View the graphics here if your email program is stripping them out.

Once I got past the initial few awkward drawings that I pretty much expected would be unusable, I drew something I liked. And something else I liked. And I was encouraged. But there was something else, too....

I wanted more nibs.

PenstaffsFirst I hit the craft store. I settled for a small packet of assorted Leonardt nibs from England that I bought at the local Michael's Crafts, since the Leonardt Hiro nib in my existing collection, also known as "the blue pumpkin," was my favorite. Apparently they don't sell these things individually like they did back in art school. You have to get a carded grouping of them and they come with a penstaff--but since the Leonardt penstaff is actually my favorite one I'm not complaining. (It's the brown holder on the left.)

Then I decided to look online, since the local selection was pretty paltry and I couldn't just buy a handful of blue pumpkins. Oh my. eBay didn't exist yet when I was in school! Nib auctions are potentially dangerous! I did let a "lot" of over 500 nibs slip through my hands--because I figured even if I burned through one nib per week, I still couldn't justify 500 of them.


Since I was hankering for something unusual I bought a 1980's box of nibs from Hong Kong. They are really surprising, a very fine, very regular and precise line, and they never seem to run dry even though they're so tiny they can't possibly hold much ink. And I got another box of various nibs--the box is from 1936 but the majority of the nibs don't match the box. It doesn't look like any of the nibs are rare or even uncommon, but even though they're 75 years old they're still useable. That's a hiro blue pumpkin in the middle.

Ernest from Zero HourI have resisted the Soviet-era Russian nibs with the cool designs on them. So far. They're a little pricey.

See the product of my beloved blue pumpkin nibs, the Zero Hour drawings, for yourself! (This little drawing of Ernest isn't in the book, I just did it this morning!) Ebook available at JCP Books, Amazon for the Kindle, and B&N for the Nook. Paperback coming very soon!

"Lots" of luck in your own rediscovered pursuits...

Vertigo CoverManikin: Channeling Morpheus novelette #3, second edition

Coming early August!

Bathtubs. Shaving. Corpses. Decapitation. Frotting. It's everything you ever wanted in a vampire story, and so much more!

I'm re-releasing a spiffed-up second edition of all my Channeling Morpheus stories, one every other month. If you're subscribed to my "Quick Link" email, you'll get an email when the second edition of Manikin: Channeling Morpheus 3 comes out.

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Magic Mansion
The magic begins! Watch this space for our next serialized JCP News story, Magic Mansion!

One of the things I did to prep for the novel was go check out the Rick Wilcox Magic Theater in the Wisconsin Dells. I was struck by how much fun Rick and Suzan Wilcox were having. You know how some people smile with just their mouths? When Rick and Suzan smiled, they smiled with their eyes, too.

As I was considering how they seemed to love what they were doing, I thought to myself, "Why wouldn't they? They're entertaining a bunch of people. They don't have to show up at some stupid office or do a stupid grunt-job. Plenty of people dream about being magicians, but so few people go for it. They must've had to work hard to get here to the point where they have their own business and their own act and their own theater, but look where they are now. They're living their dream."

And then I realized that if I substituted "author" for "magician," I could have been basically talking about myself. It was a good wakeup call because some aspects of this career can be frustrating. Seeing Rick's and Suzan's smiles was a great reminder of how good I really have it.

I told a friend about the smiles, and the epiphany I had, and then later that day she was telling me about how nasty and crabby her dermatologist was when he basically told her to check her own damn moles. I thought about it for a while, then said, "Maybe he should have been a magician."


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