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JCP News
JCP News • Issue 46 • October 2011
Beautiful, Mysterious and Bizarre: M/M Horror & Urban Fantasy by Jordan Castillo Price

JCP News
Issue 46 - October 14, 2011


A New Photo

Blog posts, Updates and Recommendations

Big happenings on Facebook! Fans of Petit Morts have put together a countdown contest for the release of the final 7 novelettes. To get in on the fun:

Like PsyCop Fanpage (I'd love for you to send me a friend request also, though it's not necessary for winning goodies.)

Like Josh Lanyon Fanpage

Like Sean Kennedy Fanpage

Friend Clare London's page

Aww: Cindi decided to adopt a dark and mysterious stranger who's been lurking around her home. She's named him--appropriately--Chance.Chance

(Look at those eyes!)

Feedback: Denise sent me these comments about Zero Hour.

"Purchased print copy of Zero Hour and read it last stuff!

"An all around good read...verbal (nice storyline, well written), visual (PL Nunn cover!), and even tactile (what's up with the cover, LOVED the feel).

"Did you order that cover texture?  It's wonderful, the book was almost cuddly while I was reading.  And didn't smudge with fingerprints as easily as the glossy paperback covers.  I wish all my books had this type of cover."

YES, thank you for noticing! This matte cover stock is a new option at my printer's. I was really happy with the feel of it, too. Smooth, almost velvety.

Chat: Join me and my fellow Petit Morts authors for an online chat on the Chatting With Joyfully Reviewed Yahoo Group from noon-6 pm CST on October 26.

Madison Vampire Coven
: And if you're in the Madison WI area, come see me at the Frugal Muse West bookstore at 7 pm on October 26, where I'll be reading from Magic Mansion with my Madison Vampire Coven cohorts.

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The following readers won ebooks of their choice for opening their newsletters!

Hel (Sept JCP News)

June (Tainted Quick Link)

Also, Hannah won a copy of Tainted for entering the contest on PsyCop's Facebook fanpage!

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Leave it to me to sign up for a class and not even know what it's about! What can I say, it looked interesting enough, and it was only a couple-hour commitment, that I showed up and was willing to let the morning unfold how it would.

I'm talking about Zentangle®, which is "apparently a thing," I thought to myself, as the class commenced. (I'd just figured it was a cute name for a class someone thought up, where they'd teach you how to draw patterns.) But it's actually a whole system of reaching a meditative frame of mind by drawing.

There are rules, which involve certain paper, certain pens, certain methods of shading. And I do believe that it's smart enough to learn the rules of any new thing before you start breaking them. But once I learned eight patterns and did two test tiles, my morning was over, and I was itching to try doing it my own way.

I really enjoyed myself, plus I came away with a lot more than a method. I learned to question my attitude, which is always useful to me. Now I'm embracing the idea of drawing without an end-product in mind, because it seems to me that I'm (by necessity) end-product oriented. So it's fortifying to think that it really doesn't matter how it looks, that it's the act itself of drawing that is the point of the whole thing.

the patterns

So of course I'm now sending a photo of my non-outcome-based drawing to my whole list, ha ha! But only to give you an idea of what the pattern drawing is all about.

I'm not using the special paper. I have more blue cardstock than I'll ever use, and that holds up fine. I'm not using official pens...I have hundreds of antique pens that are special to ME, that I've been dying to skritch into some paper with.

I am having a wonderful time playing with my antique pens. Better yet, I now have a way to unwind from long days of juggling words by playing with lines and shapes instead--a way that feels more constructive than playing online puzzle games.

If you're interested, do an internet search for Zentangle® Patterns and poke around, or pick up a book on it. Draw a few. I think there is no right and wrong if you're enjoying yourself, as long as no one loses an eye!

Until next month, feed your soul...


Petit Morts Batch 3Petit Morts: What if?

I thought I was going to be a visual artist or an art teacher, and instead I worked a series of thankless office jobs, finally landed something in graphic art, and then quit it to be a writer. Since I'm putting the final touches on the last batch of Petit Morts, this idea got me to thinking about Chance.

He's a damn fine chocolatier. But what other careers might he show some aptitude for? (Or maybe some morbid fascination?)

I'm thinking:

I could see Chance as a very traditional Freudian psychologist--the type you really only see in movies, who has you lie down facing away from them and tell them stories about your damaged childhood. I could see him making sounds that are impossible to interpret as the patient says something that may (or may not) be important, and making non-sequitur observations, or maybe mangling a few platitudes once the session is over. And the patient may actually get something out of it and come away with some sort of healing. Or they might not. He wouldn't much care one way or the other. He'd just be in it to pass the time and hear some memories, and wonder exactly how distorted they've become.

Josh Lanyon pondered:

If Chance wasn't a chocolatier, he'd also be an awesome archaeologist. No one would be in better position to analyze and interpret the shards and shreds of the past than someone who was actually there. I'm sure he'd find a way to avoid the hardship of field work, and the subsequent round of talk shows and book tours would probably appeal to his dark sense of humor. Who knows, he might even enjoy a little private reminiscing about the good--and bad--old days.  

And Sean Kennedy spun out the following totally plausible scenario:

If Chance weren't a chocolatier he'd be an awesome romance cover model.  The only thing is, he'd be in so much demand that Chance's visage would be on almost all of the covers released.  Then people would be buying the wrong books because they would all look the same.  The overuse of Chance will then lead to his lowest point, being photographed on a rollercoaster when a seagull flies into his head.  Luckily Hunter's still a paramedic.

(You will get to read more about Hunter in the next batch of Petit Morts!)

Petit Morts' final 7-story batch will be ready for general consumption October 25...but keep your eyes peeled for a special pre-release bundle sale at JCP Books the week before. If you subscribe to my Quick Links email, you'll get an email as soon as the buy buttons are live!

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2nd Edition Tainted: Channeling Morpheus 4

Oh those baby bluesVampires agree that vampirism must be spread through sex, because if a bite on the neck could turn someone, the world would be overrun with legions of bloodsuckers by now. So Wild Bill's been careful. The last thing he'd want is to turn anyone. Especially his boytoy.

Despite Wild Bill's caution, Michael's looking pale and thin...more so than usual. He wears it well, just like the leather jacket, the black-dyed hair and the eyeliner. But for someone as starved as he is, food should hold more of an appeal. And is that a preternatural grace Bill detects in Michael's movements?

This is the second electronic edition of Tainted, which was first published by Changeling Press as Channeling Morpheus: Tainted in 2008. There are small editorial changes and new cover art.

I've been asked by a few readers about making the cover art available as wall art. It looks like Cafe Press will now print posters, so that's a future possibility.

Find Tainted at JCP Books, Amazon and B&N.

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Magic Mansion

I'd love it if you told your friends about Magic Mansion! It's free...and there's VOTING!

Please spread the word and link to it in your blog, Twitter, FB, etc. or post about it to any of your groups.


Magic Mansion

Where Reality is More than it Seems


Chapter Twelve: Spa Day

Last time, on Magic Mansion….

"Twelve magicians gathered for their first challenge, and street magician Kevin Kazan prevailed, making him the Red Team leader. Sue the gift shop girl was a surprise runner-up, and now she’s at the helm of the Gold Team.

"The lowest-scoring contestants on each team are stuck cleaning the mansion while the victors enjoy the spoils at a luxurious day spa. But what the magicians don’t know is that one member of each team has been voted off by our viewers.

"I’m your host, Monty Shaw. Stay tuned and find out who will be the first to leave…Magic Mansion."

The magic continues... (worksafe)


Magic Mansion Voting

As usual, the voting went the complete opposite of the way I thought. I suppose I just need to have no particular expectations and go with the flow.

This was gratifying to hear:

Charity and Oscar are so completely, terribly bad, they're good. As usually, JCP has provided cringe-worthy moments that made me laugh out loud. Having Oscar try to "help" Ken--too funny!

Another fun comment:

I hate reality television that distorts reality and puts up games for manufactured drama, and that in itself makes a great antagonist in this story. I can’t wait for more. It is such delicious torture for John and Ricardo to be so close to each other and not be able to say what they want.

Read on to find out who was first to be voted off!


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