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To celebrate the release of The Starving Years, I've waxed eloquent on some relevant topics at the following places:

At Romance Around the Corner: Who You Callin' Minor?? The Importance of Minor Characters.

At Reviews by Jessewave: Where Ideas Come From

At Well Read: Going with the Flow in a Vote-Driven Story!

And finally, the explanation you've all been waiting for, how food is like sex at Clare London's blog

Coming in May - Notion Potion - A Stiff Shot of Inspiration, a new monthly JCP column at Reviews by Jessewave

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The following JCP books have few reviews at Amazon and could really use your kind words!

Snare, Channeling Morpheus 7

Body Art: A Thriller

Immortal Coil, Petit Morts 17

If you're not inclined to write a review, clicking the tags on the items' pages is helpful too! (What are tags?)

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The following readers won a JCP ebook of their choice!

Jane, for opening The Magic Mansion quick link

Anne, for opening the Snare quick link

Debra, for opening March's JCP News

Jay won The Starving Years at Romance Around the Corner

Maya won The Starving Years on Reviews by Jessewave

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When it Rains...

Sometimes a bunch of projects I start at entirely different times culminates all at once. This April is one of those times.

I wrote the first draft of The Starving Years last year, but I knew it would take a lot of work to whip that first draft into a cohesive story. I let it sit a few months while I poured my energy into writing Magic Mansion, so that when I embarked on edits, I'd see it with "fresh eyes."

Meanwhile, I was writing and publishing Magic Mansion serially in this newsletter. That novel was just bursting to get out of me so intensely it's a wonder I didn't explode before I wrote it! I wrote /co-wrote /edited /produced the last seven stories of the Petit Morts series while I was generating Magic Mansion, and even so, it just poured on out.

And then at the beginning of the year I began a series called Mnevermind, a quirky SF story about a guy and his dad and their family business.

The Starving Years came out in ebook last month, and the paperback is available for preorder on Amazon.

Magic Mansion just came out in ebook this week and the paperback will follow soon.

SnareSnare - Channeling Morpheus 7 second electronic edition came out this month with a sinisterly delicious new Michael cover

Mnevermind 1: Persistence of Memory will debut by the end of the month.

So brace yourselves for the riotous deluge of JCP-words...I hope you'll enjoy every last one of them, and then navigate back to the beginning and read them again.


Magic Mansion


Professor Topaz is tired of fending off advice that he should retire in Vegas where magicians his age have an easier time finding work.

Ricardo Hart's career has sunk so low, he's resorted to shaking his moneymaker at bachelorette parties.

But there's a casting call for a new reality show called Magic Mansion that could change everything for these two gay stage magicians, one recovering from the loss of his partner, the other awe-struck by the presence of his idol. Each is poised for a critical second chance: at fame, and at love.

Who will win? Step into the Mansion, and find out....

Magic Mansion is available in PDF, ePub and Mobi at JCP Books
Amazon for the Kindle
B&N for the Nook

Magic Mansion is not only the longest novel I've ever written, it's the most romantic. It was hard to say goodbye to the Professor and Ricardo. Indeed, every time I proofread the final credits at the end of the show, I found myself in tears. I hope you love the story as much as I do.

Also new, The Starving Years

Starving YearsThe Starving Years is available in PDF, ePub and Mobi at JCP Books
Amazon for the Kindle
B&N for the Nook

Paperback edition is available for preorder on Amazon.

CORRECTIONS: I corrected some errors in The Starving Years ebook as I was creating the paperback. The corrected edition shows version 1.1 on the copyright page. If you bought your 1.0 copy at JCP Books, let me know if you'd like a new download at sales@jcpbooks.com. If you bought it at Amazon, email customer service to ask for a fresh download (they don't do it automatically because you would lose your bookmarks and highlights.) It was just a handful of niggly things but it you plan on reading it again you may want a fresh copy. Ebooks purchased after 4/4 should be correct.

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Coming Soon

A New Series: Mnevermind

Making memories, one client at a time...

Mnevermind is set in alternate-reality Madison Wisconsin (a college town full of overeducated folk thinking lots of thinky thoughts) in which Daniel Schroeder manages his family's business: an independent memory palace in a run-down part of the city.

Mnevermind 1: The Persistence of Memory is coming soon. Gear up for its release with a desktop wallpaper from JCP Books.

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April's Freebie

Sharpen your pencils or brandish your pens...it's the Magic Mansion word search!

Click here for your puzzle.

Print and play this word search offline, and find thirty fun words and phrases you'll recognize from the story!

Contestant? Wardrobe? Sequins? It's in there!

If you like puzzles, be sure to check out my maze and magic site with lots of free mazes, Prestidigital Press

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The Voice - moody short
Kindred Spirits - contemporary short

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Hemovore vampire thriller - novel
Body Art - thriller novella
Zero Hour: a Dystopian Adventure - SF Novel
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The Starving Years - SF thriller novel
Magic Mansion - fun & romantic novel

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