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Blog: Notion Potion - A Stiff Shot of Inspiration, promoting joyful creativity in all of our endeavors.

In direct opposition to what I wrote last month in Hamburger vs. Steak, this month I looked at the ways in which perfectionism can be a creative's downfall. Checkout Notion Potion #4: Perfection Paralysis.

You can still leave comments for me on that post, and I'll get an email letting me know to come respond to the thread. This column runs the first Wednesday of the month.

Blog: Pay What You Wish. I'm experimenting with a Pay-What-You-Wish pricing model for the promotional Turbulence series. You are still welcome to enjoy it for free. Read more about it on my LiveJournal

Blog: Artwork - thoughts about color and tone in composites, with delicious covers from the Turbulence series as my example

Heads-Up: Since I'm going to be traveling much of August and September, I'll probably put out a combined Sept/Oct issue of JCP News on September 30, or maybe skip September. We'll see how it goes.


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Old and New

Dear reader,

When I first started writing, self-publishing was a much more daunting option than it is today. Ereaders were evolving, standards for ebooks were iffy, and what looked great on a computer might look good on some devices and practically unreadable on others.

Further, if you could manage to make a few acceptible files, there weren't many places to sell them.

My, how times have changed.

What fascinates me even more is how I have changed! When publishing rights for Locks of Love reverted to me, it was quite an adventure to delve into something I wrote over five years ago and re-vamp it. Parts of the story, I loved. Parts of it made me cringe. And there I was, with the opportunity to turn a flawed story into something I could be proud of now.

Locks of LoveA few things I pondered about the way my particular approach has crystalized as I was doing my rewrite:

-Everyone needs a motivation. "That guy is crazy" just doesn't cut it for me.

-Perfection is tedious. I'm simply not attracted to wealthy, pretty, successful characters unless they have a dark underbelly. Perfect people are boring to read about. I like dirt and grit and neuroses.

-Subtext is critical. Characters often reveal more about themselves by what they don't say than what they do. They also work from the presumption that their point of view is the correct one.

-Things happen for reasons. When a character has a problem, it's not satisfying if it happened randomly. It's much better if their understandable actions provoked an unexpected result.

-I have no idea how writers improve. I simply don't. It must be a synthesis of writing practice and critical reading, constant analysis of what works (and why), and what doesn't work (and why). Not over the course of a little weekend workshop, but over the span of years. I actually had the line, "What have you done?" in my original story. I mean, really? Seriously? No one talks like that. How did I not notice how ridiculous that sounded?

-I love, love, love doing my own cover art. My schooling is in fine arts and my training in graphic design, and no matter how talented another cover artist may be, they can't peek into my head and see the cover how I'm seeing it. I often don't visualize it fully myself until I start composing it in Photoshop or Illustrator.

You can find Locks of Love: A Modern Gay Fairy Tale at the following places-

Amazon for the Kindle

B&N for the Nook

JCP Books in PDF, Mobi and Epub

Until next time!

Swarm 2nd Edition

Channeling Morpheus: SwarmEnigmatic guys are hot. Michael is of the opinion, though, that Wild Bill manages to take it to an entirely new level.

For some time, Michael has suspected that Bill has done more than just dabble in art. As with every other piece of his personal history, Bill plays his cards close to his chest. But when he lets on that a mural he painted before his change might still exist, Michael is dying to see it—and Bill has never been good at saying no.

Only fragments of the building remain, but it's possible Wild Bill's painting is still there. Unfortunately, there's a lot more in the ruins than Bill and Michael bargained for.

Swarm (Channeling Morpheus 9) is available in PDF, ePub and Mobi at JCP Books

At B&N for the Nook

At Amazon for the Kindle

Swarm appears in the paperback A Bitter Taste of Sweet Oblivion


Did you enjoy Swarm? I'd love it if you left a review on Amazon!

A Delicious Anthology

Lashings of Sauce

The UK GLBTQ Fiction Meet in Brighton is only a month away! I'm beyond excited.

Find out more about the Meet - last day to sign up is August 15, so you may still have time to squeak in by the skin of your teeth!

Even if you can't make it to Brighton, I encourage you to check out the Lashings of Sauce anthology. The brand new JCP story Post Mortem kicks it off, and proceeds will support future UK GLBTQ Fiction Meets!


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Hello there, Paul

August's Freebie

Turbulence 4: Connecting Flight
There’s no place like home. For Paul Cronin, maybe that’s a good thing. His DC condo is practically empty, aside from a week’s worth of mail and the lingering smell of his hippie housekeeper’s vinegar-based cleaners. His life is empty too, filled with activities he doesn’t enjoy and friends he only hangs out with because it’s easier than avoiding them. Only his time with Dallas seems real anymore. Is their connection all that he hoped it might be?

Pay-What-You-Wish at JCP Books
$1.99 at Amazon

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