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Puffy is in the holiday spirit! Thanks for the darling accessory, Cindi!

Blog: Notion Potion - A Stiff Shot of Inspiration, promoting joyful creativity in all of our endeavors.

This month, Probing the Problem - using snags and setbacks to improve your results

Last month, Dodging the Wall - how to deal with feeling stuck.

You can still leave comments for me on the post, and I'll get an email letting me know to come respond to the thread. This column the first Wednesday of the month.

Blog: Photoshop Friday - New regular feature. Each Friday I'll post a tip that I use in my workflow, or I want to begin using in my workflow. The focus is on small tips that make a huge impact.

Changing brush size with mouse or stylus (quick note, now that I'm using this I see it works in tools other than brush. Anything that can use a brush tip will work, like an eraser or a blending tool)

Gradient goodness

Load layers with Bridge

Transform zoom

And not a Photoshop Friday column, but related: Tutorial Review, Enhancing an Environmental Portrait on

Electric Kettle

UnRec: Electric kettle - The electric kettle that got crappy reviews died six weeks after I bought it. Thankfully, Target was great about taking it back. I got this one instead. It was cheaper. So far it works fine. Still lovin' the heck out of my Cafix.


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Dear reader,

The article I'd planned to run for December seems inappropriate in light of the recent tragedy in Connecticut. I'll follow up in a few days with that content and today share some thoughts about our internal process instead.

December stresses a lot of people out. I noticed it right after Thanksgiving, when the overall tenor of people at stores got edgy. I was out with a friend and she remarked on it, too. People were actually driving differently--overly assertive, and frankly, nastily.

The thing about stress is that it's a subjective thing, an internal experience. Most of us aren't accustomed to thinking about stress that way. Someone does something upsetting and we feel our adrenaline surge. Maybe someone says or does something so awful it ruins our whole day.

Or does it? For those of us not in the habit of questioning how much control we have over our emotions (me included) it doesn't feel natural to ask ourselves, "How am I choosing to feel about this?" in the face of the unwanted situation.

But what if we tried? Just as an experiment.

We do usually have options. We may like some less than others, but we still always have the option of walking away, or saying, "I'm not doing this right now," and turning our attention elsewhere.

Even though I get into other people's mindsets to write stories, I can't even begin to inhabit the head of a gunman who shows up in a public place and begins blowing people away. I imagine they must feel entirely powerless. Whatever their internal experience is, it's so subjectively terrible that they're resorting to mass murder. So there's no other option? What if they pack a bag, get on a bus and go somewhere for a fresh start. Or handle their problems by talking them out, or getting therapy, or wailing on a punching bag, or any other of the dozens of solutions we could all imagine?

My point is, there are always choices.

Writing is a series of choices. Authors choose plots, characters and genres. We choose story lengths and style. We choose just the right words to convey our meaning.

Life is like that, too. A long line of choices.

The next time you're stressed out, see if you can remember there are always choices. Instead of choosing to dwell on the current point of frustration, remind yourself of a thing or two in your life that's going well.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all a safe, happy and harmonious end to 2012.



In the Dark

Channeling Morpheus: ElixirA PsyCop Short

Halloween is least, it's supposed to be. Costumes, candy, trick-or-treat, even jaded Victor Bayne can get behind those sorts of antics. Too bad this year's Halloween is a grownup event. Not only must Vic don a suit and endure a disco-obsessed DJ, he has to mingle with friends of Jacob's he would much rather ignore.

Vic thinks he has the party's host all figured out--but as he so often realizes, once he looks beneath the surface, things are seldom what they seem.

(In the Dark is PsyCop 6.1 - it's a companion piece to Stroke of Midnight, the New Year's short. It contains series spoilers through GhosTV.)

Available now in PDF, Mobi and ePub at JCP Books.
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Also check out the flash fiction Jock Straps On Sale.


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Michael's Gun

Calendar Boys

I'm adding new merchandise to the JCP Books Gift Shop at Cafe Press every week or two, so do pop in if you haven't lately and browse.

I'm proud to brag that the readers who've ordered the 2013 Channeling Morpheus calendar are loving it!

Carolyn says: "The whole collection is breathtakingly beautiful."

Joyce says: "I JUST RECEIVED MINE YESTERDAY!!!!! 11/28. GORGEOUS doesn't cover it... LOVE IT!!!!"

And Noriko posted a photo of it hanging in a Japanese style room on my Facebook wall (scroll to Dec 4!)

The calendar features lush closeups from the twelve Channeling Morpheus second edition ebook covers. Find the calendar and more at JCP Books Gift Shop

Dashing Dallas

December Serial

Turbulence 6: Flying Blind

Dallas leads Paul to Marlin’s house to seek the elusive Black Box, but they’re not the only ones interested in Marlin’s personal effects.

Telling the truth about what they’re looking for is out, and they only have a few free hours between flights in which to search—but maybe luck is on their side.

A clue that surfaces from beyond the grave sends Paul hunting through the empty Bermuda airport in search of the discovery he’s certain will release Flight 511 from the turbulence once and for all.

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