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Blog: Between the move and the lack of online access, I have not been blogging. Frankly I don't even know how to log into LJ from a public computer.

Rec: Baking Soda Those eHow type articles drive me nuts. I can't fathom why they rank so high in search engines. The ones that are good are good, and the ones that are bad...well, it makes me wonder what the incentive is to crank out an article that's just common sense.

Since I've had porcelain sinks as long as I can remember, I went looking for some guidance on how to clean an aluminum sink and found a lengthy five step process that amounted to "use SoftScrub and be thorough." Geez.

Then I complained about it to my buddy Andrea and she said she just uses baking soda. My baking soda just so happened to be unpacked. I tried it. It worked great!

Maybe eHow would be interested in my seven-step 1500 word procedure on preparing a glass of water.

Tweets of Awesomeness: @reesah 16 Jun - According to this string of incriminating Amazon receipts, I bought 5 @jordancprice books this weekend. I don't remember- too busy reading.


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White on White

I’m writing this note from a different location than last month. Different room, different city…heck, even a different desk. I’ve moved!

As much as I enjoyed the country life, I realized I was using my location as an excuse to not do things in the city, because I knew there’d always be a long, dark drive home at the tail end of any night out. (There aren’t streetlights out in the country, it’s all headlights. City drivers might not be accustomed to that. Even if you know the road well, it’s no fun.) It was really hard to get up the motivation to go to the gym when that involved driving half an hour there and half an hour back. But no more! Now when I go somewhere, I marvel at the thought, “I got here in ten minutes!” Or the more mind-blowing idea, “I walked here!”

I was also tired of being a homeowner and dealing with all the responsibilities and repairs that came with a falling-apart trailer. The first day in my snazzy new apartment, I noticed a tiny little drip under the bathroom sink, so I mentioned it to the office manager. Yesterday a plumber came up and fixed it. I didn’t call him, and I won’t get a bill from him. How cool is that?

Other fabulous improvements to my life include:

• brand new state-of-the-art library LESS than 10 minutes away

• large grocery store 1 mile away

• dumpsters—no more waiting until Garbage Day Eve and making a big production out of throwing things out

• garbage disposal—goodbye stinky uneaten cat food

• SWIMMING POOL with an 8-foot deep end, just downstairs

• dish washer—OMG my dishes are so clean they squeak

And here are 10 things you can supposedly clean in your dishwasher. I'll admit, I've done the kitchen sink drain stoppers and the sponge. Then I threw the sponge out anyway. I've had a sponge phobia for a while now.

Back to the move...the one thing I would do differently in hindsight is to pre-arrange my internet service. I’m offline even as I write this. (Can you tell? I can. Taking away my internet for more than a few hours is like making me walk around blindfolded.) Of course I’m kicking myself because I had the provider and plan picked out and then I decided to wait because the web page made it look like if you signed up, someone was going to be out there within moments. So I figured I shouldn’t hit the go-button until I was actually in the place. Live and learn.

Victor Bayne furnitureRight now my decor is very Victor Bayne white on white (including cheap particle board white laminate furniture.) I had asked the manager to leave the prior tenant’s accent walls painted whatever colors they were, and the crew didn’t get the note. I decided this gives me the opportunity to choose my colors when I’m settled enough to make the decision. I’m thinking blues and greens in the main room (I don’t know what to call it…it’s humongous and has my living room set, my dining room table, and even this computer in it.) And I saw a juicy pair of red batik curtains that would make for a bright bedroom. But for now it’s landlord white throughout, and I actually don’t mind it. It’s soothing to watch the shadows cast by the window blinds move across the fresh white walls.

The old saw is, “Wherever you go, there you are,” but I don’t necessarily agree. I think city-me is different from country-me. And the current me is interested in drawing and embroidering again. I don’t know where that resurgence in interest came from, but I’m tickled to see it.

So, here’s to positive change. Change is always stressful, and definitely daunting. But once you get through the hard part, you’ll have all kinds of goodness waiting for you on the other side. May your positive changes go smoothly.



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JCP Books specials are on brief hiatus while I get my living situation squared away, though I plan to leave the Hue, Tint & Shade coupon active for a good while. Thank you to everyone who's taken advantage of my recent specials! Saturday Snippets haven't made their debut yet.

Undoubtedly the Best

Pinkest Yearbook

In last month's Superlatives Poll, did Victor Bayne take home the award for Quietest? Most Serious? Or Best Eyes? (Or the write-in, Most Likely to Talk To Himself?)

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Funny, I remembered the superlative I won as Most Creative, but it was actually Most Talented. Ironically, I really hate that word. People who say you're talented are usually implying you didn't need to work very hard because you have some innate magical gift called "talent."

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There's just something special about making things from scratch. Especially if you don't know what you're doing.

Combine cake mix, water, oil and eggs with a PsyCop who has more experience with ghosts than recipes, and what's the result?

A delicious PsyCop Flash Fic, of course!

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