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Blog: I waxed eloquent about all things arty with Clare London and Dev Bentham in our Art Appreciation Blog Tour. There was much enthusiastic reader participation!

At JOYFULLY JAY's, we talked about whether art is more accessible than writing.

Then we popped by BOOK REVIEWS AND MORE BY KATHY, chatting about stuff we've made ourselves.

Finally we visited THE ARMCHAIR READER to answer a potpourri of art questions!
If you're an art enthusiast, do stop by and browse the posts. The giveaways are done but I'd still love reading your contributions to the discussion. Dev, Clare and I were over the moon about everyone's participation.

Rec: Organic Vector Elements - For all of you Adobe Illustrator users, here's an elegantly simple set of 80 free vector elements--fronds, leaves and flowers--from Smashing Magazine. It's even free for commercial use.

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@SantinoHassell: i love Vic so much that it hurts

@StinaKitsune: I'm sitting here eating hot wings and pizza while reading @jordancprice's The Starving Years and I'm feeling really guilty about it

Saturday Snippets

The first Saturday Snippet featured a deleted scene from the PsyCop 7 cutting room floor. Did you miss it? Find it here.

Do keep in mind, nothing from this scene happened in the book, which is why I can share it without spoiling the novel. Take a deep breath and repeat after me.... It didn't happen. It's an outtake.

You can change your email preferences to receive future snippets! Email me at jcp.heat (at) if the form gives you trouble and I'll add you manually.

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The following readers won a JCP ebook of their choice just for opening their newsletters! YAY!

Anika H.

(I have contacted them directly and let them know.)

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Coming Soon: PsyCop 7

Victor Bayne has been avoiding the exorcism he owes the FPMP.

Now it’s time to pay up.

Spook Squad

Dear reader,

It’s finally here: the day I can announce that PsyCop 7—Spook Squad—will be released August 30. You’ll be able to purchase the ebook at JCP Books, Amazon and B&N in time for the US holiday weekend. If the paperback’s not on the shelf by then, it will follow within a week or two.

I’m especially tickled to unveil the cover art. Over the backdrop of North Loop Chicago skyscrapers on the river, Vic is flanked by Jacob on the right, and FPMP Agent Jack Bly on the left. The ebook’s cover typography features the new lettering that will pull the series together, while the paperback typography will have its own distinctive look.

UnquietI’m no fan of m/m cover art, which seems to feature a lot of naked headless bodybuilder torsos, or their disembodied heads floating over skylines. Looking at mainstream thrillers for cover art inspiration is not particularly inspiring, either. Most thrillers feature the name of the title and author in very tall lettering, set over a wisp of a scene that could be basically anything.

SkyfallSince working on the Turbulence series I’ve grown more interested in having my book covers look like movie posters. As PsyCop 7 evolved and changed titles, I had several “looks” sketched out for it. For instance, during the month I had the working title White Noise, I was going to use a 007 Skyfall poster as my inspiration. Then I realized the theme of white noise wasn’t the main theme, and it was back to the drawing board.

Turbulence CollectionThe final Spook Squad cover isn’t inspired by a particular set of posters, but I did borrow the convention of a “chevron formation” of minor characters behind the protagonist (which I also did on the Turbulence Collection cover).

For building realistic depth of field, I looked to Sherlock Holmes posters. According to the rule of atmospheric perspective, the farther an object is from the foreground, the lighter in color it appears.Sherlock Holmes Studying the posters, I realized that making the background colors more monochromatic and less contrasty was a great way to convey the feel of distance, too.

Now that my biggest project of the year is wrapping up, maybe I can take time to go see some actual movies!



Cannery Inspiration

Vic and Jacob's loft was inspired by a Modernist sculptor's studio I visited around 1989 or so. The artist was a very cool lady and the sense of space stuck with me viscerally. I was just thinking about her studio and I remembered the way she said, "It used to be a pickle factory!" And then her name popped into my head. (Seriously, I haven't been able to remember her name for 25's so funny how the brain works.)

Because my brain offered up Ruth Duckworth, I'm able to share links to her work! She passed away a few years ago at the age of 90. I feel privileged to have met her, and that experience continues to inspire me and shape my perceptions of what it means to make art and be an artist.

I found this site that explores Duckworth's gorgeous studio when she put it up for sale in 2009 and speculates on whether it would be (gasp) divided into condos. Yikes. I hope a Jacob type bought it and left it as-is. The video is stunning. Jacob and Vic's cannery wouldn't be this light and airy, it's more industrial.

Cheap Plastic Shades


Among the Living is the first of the PsyCop series to get a cover art facelift. Eventually all the ebooks will feature a more unified typographical look.

I'm opting to NOT go into third edition so readers can update their second edition copies for free.

Read more about the updated version policy at JCP Books.

I'm pleased to feature tough-guy Vic in his crappy plastic sunglasses on this new cover, especially when I realized how well they represented the burst blood vessel scene.

Among the Living at JCP Books.

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August Freebie

Some people read the last few pages of a book first so they can sit back, relax and enjoy the story without all that tension.

Me? I won't even read through the end of a blurb for fear of spoiling the way the story's meant to unfold.

My big exception is first chapter excerpts, because I'm cool with beginning at the beginning.

Whet your whistle by reading the first chapter of Spook Squad now at the PsyCop site!

Want to share this preview? Please link to the newsletter.

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