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News: the PsyCop series trailer was featured in USA Today. I'm giddy!

Blog: PsyCop Questions Needed - I've been collecting questions for PsyCop Q&A on my blog

Blog: How Do You Listen to Yourself - a fascinating discussion about how authors process critique. Feel free to keep chiming in!

Tweets of Awesomeness:

@reesah: Things I've Learned From @jordancprice's PsyCop: You should never ask "Can this day get any worse?" around a precog.

@AshMan_Namaste: hey psypig - what ru wearing @VictorBayne

@beckyblackbooks: Just sat down forgetting I had a pastry in the pocket of my cardi. It's like I'm actually channelling Vic Bayne.

@katynakat: Be careful. It would probably be really hard to exorcise Vic.

@beckyblackbooks: I could try not drinking coffee for a few days until he got fed up and left.


The following readers won a JCP ebook of their choice just for opening their newsletters! YAY!

Kamadu (sat snippet)
Alabuhn (Germany quick link)
SGantiques (JCP News)
moon.s.hadow (coupon)
Maybesparrow23 (Spook Squad quick link)
lase83 (Crash saturday snippet)

I have contacted the winners directly and let them know.

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See You in Atlanta

Dear reader,

I’m shocked and stunned that GRL is now only a month away. I’ll be teaching a workshop on creativity and heeding your inner voice at the pre-con workshop first thing Wednesday morning, so lately I’ve been thinking mainly about that class. I’m sure once I get solid on all the ideas I want to put across, arranging them in a digestible way will be no problem.

Swag…I’ll need to order it, like…now.

Shipping stuff to the event. Ugh, don’t even want to think about it.

What will I wear? Hell if I know.

But the convention itself? I can’t wait! I’ll be so excited to finally put faces to names and get to hang out with so many of you in person! I’m also rooming with my fellow authors Clare London, Jo Myles and Lou Harper, so I expect it to be one big, awesome slumber party.

JCP PaperbacksRight now, you can pre-order paperbacks you’d like me to sign, and pay via PayPal. This pre-order process ensures I don’t show up with a box of titles people don’t want and none of the titles they do want. I’m only bringing a few “extras” along. Note: feel free to bring your existing copies to sign! I'm also tickled to sign a bookmark, a program, your body parts, or whatever. Buying a book from me is NOT a prerequisite for an autograph.

Spook Squad TI created a Spook Squad T-shirt that might interest you as well. You can find the merchandise at the JCP Books Gift Shop at Cafepress. I’ve had a request for an Among the Living shirt featuring the new cover art, so if I have time I’ll design a shirt with that artwork, too.

Other than that excitement, I’ve been floating along on the wave of post-big-release aftershock from Spook Squad. I took a few days off writing, but clicked back into it again to create the flash fic for this newsletter…and it felt good to be back in the saddle again. I’m not accustomed to not-writing and it just plain feels funny to not start my day at the keyboard trying to document the world in my head.

Amazon HorrorThank you so much to all of you who purchased, read and recommended Spook Squad! I was over the moon seeing my self-published release up there on the Amazon Horror best seller pages with the likes of Dean Koontz, Anne Rice and Stephen King. Several of you have left reviews on Amazon, too--thank you SO much for the gift of your time and enthusiasm! Heartfelt reviews and recommendations are crucial to the success of a self-published work.

If you see me in Atlanta, make sure you come and say hi and give me a big hug!



Saturday Snippets

Saturday Snippets are super popular! The PsyCop Q&As got a really big response.

PsyCop Q&A

Crash Q&A

I'll periodically run the Q&A's since they are fun for all of us, so send me questions whenever you like.

A question I didn't use ended up being the inspiration for today's flash fic, so you never know where a question may lead :D

You can change your email preferences to receive future snippets! Email me at jcp.heat (at) if the form gives you trouble and I'll add you manually.

Cheap Plastic Shades

Spook Squad

In case you haven't picked up your copy of PsyCop 7 yet, here's where you can currently find Spook Squad:


JCP Books



(JCP Books distributes new releases to ARe 90 days out)



Book Depository (Yay, finally)

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September Freebie

My car dealership has the best waiting room ever, we're talking a big fish tank, wi-fi, giant TV, popcorn machine, free ice cream, massages and manicures. I kid you not. It's like something out of a Saturday Night Live skit.

Even so, a waiting room is a waiting room. And when you're waiting for your car, it's always at least a little bit stressful.

Sometimes the sixth sense makes waiting easier...sometimes not.

The Waiting Game

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