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News: Google Checkout is no longer accepted at JCPbooks.com due to a change in Google's system. JCP Books does accept PayPal.

News: Damon Suede gave me a blush-worthy shoutout in his fantastic GRL report for Publishers Weekly. Thank you, Damon!

News: Victor Bayne is now a SUBJECT in The Free Library's catalog. Philadelphia is now my favorite city.

Blog: Dang, It's Early - What's on the horizon for JCP

Rec: No doubt it's old news to plenty of you, but I recently discovered that I love the Dictionary.com app on my iPad. I must have double-tapped a word in an attempt to highlight it and managed to come up with the dictionary instead. It asked if I would allow "push" notifications... which usually I answer with a resounding "no!" But for some reason, I thought, "Eh, let's see what they send me." A word of the day, that's what! Usually one that I don't know, or only sorta know. And in addition to that, I can see which words are trending in the app. That's right. Trending words. This utterly delights the geek in me. Trending today are "surge," "exult," and "confuse." How's that for a delectable random writing prompt?

Tweets of Awesomeness:

Jordan C Price ‏@jordancprice
Found a crumpled note to self I read as "Vic exercising" and thought, REALLY? Then I realized it was "exorcising" which made way more sense.

Tam A. ‏@Cdn_Tam
LOL Poor penmanship gives poor Vic a heart attack. :-)

Best GRL exchange:

Rhys Ford: "Are you wearing a SKORT?"

Jordan: "Yes. Yes I am."

Rhys: "I've never seen one in the wild.

Seymour's Boob

Best Autograph: I signed Sey's boob with a blue highlighter. Lucky for her there wasn't a big Sharpie at hand.

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Endorphin Rush

authorsKA Mitchell, Jordan, Edmond Manning, Clare London

Dear *|fname|*,

I'm still reeling, in a good way, from my time at the GRL Retreat in Atlanta. It's hard to describe the power of meeting an online friend in person, being able to give them a big hug and hang out and soak up their presence. It's such fun to grab someone whose work you enjoyed and say, "That book was so cool, I can't stop thinking about it!" And it's powerful to connect with fellow authors, especially authors who I figure, "Well, they're way out of my league," and it turns out they think I'm pretty spiffy too.

The retreat kicked off with a pre-con writers' workshop, and I was so fortunate to have a room full of participants in the very first slot of the day, so I had us all set our intentions for the retreat and get off on the right foot. Nicole Forcine also did a video interview where I gave my best key piece of writerly advice.

JCP ReadingFriday I had a fantastic time reading from Among the Living, and so many of my readers showed up in their PsyCop T-shirts to cheer me on! In a very Vic-like decision I'd ingested a dubious Canadian sleeping pill the prior night to try and get forty winks before my big morning... and ended up reading the unfortunate Auracel- swallowing scene with a foul drug taste in my mouth that rivaled the one in my poor protagonist's. I guess it's kinda like method acting.


Signing autographs! Aniko L, Jordan, Whitney W, Cindi S, and Clare London

JCP and SteveThe absolute best part of GRL for me was meeting the readers. What a warm, generous, enthusiastic bunch. Worth noting, the convention was just as much about readers getting to meet each other as it was about readers connecting with the authors they enjoy.

JCP and AmyAll around, the sense was that we were the tribe to be part of. The packed elevators were full of this bubbling glee. We have found each other. We can be ourselves. The other guests looked stunned when they wandered into the midst of our mob. I'll bet they were jealous of how much fun we were having. If not, they should have been.

(Hugs and kisses all around! Above with Steve L and Amy D, below with "#1 Stalker" Susan L, Heather C, Sarah B, Joyfully Jay, and Julie S)

readersNext year's GRL Retreat is being held at Indian Lakes Resort in Bloomingdale IL. (Watch the GRL site or FB Page for official info, costs and dates.) Hope to see you there!




The following readers won a signed bookmark or JCP ebook of their choice just for opening their newsletters! YAY!

Ollie (Sept JCP News)
Sherry Lynn (Cram flash fic Saturday Snippet)
JCollier (Petit Morts Dozen, new bundle)
JamieL (Vic Phone Saturday Snippet)
8sevvie9 (GRL paperback preorder links)
IsabelleI (Hidden Meaning flash fic Saturday Snippet)
Fremders (Secrets cover art Saturday Snippet)
Didiyester (GRL schedule)
tzinnamon (Impact flash fic Saturday Snippet)
StaceyR (PsyCop Q&A Saturday Snippet)

Plus three lucky commenters won a Channeling Morpheus ebook on The Novel Approach!

I have contacted the winners directly and let them know.

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Petit Morts

Petit Morts Dozen

Twelve-novelette bundle at JCP Books:

Jordan Castillo Price
Sean Kennedy
Clare London

Hue Tint & Shade
Moolah and Moonshine
Spanish Fly Guy
Pretty Ugly
One Less Stiff at the Funeral
Wishink Well
Happily Neverafter London Eye
Spirits and Second Chances
Loose Change
Media Naranja
Immortal Coil

$35.88 $24.99 (save a massive 30%!)

Visit the JCP Books bundle page!

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packing heat

Packing Heat Alert

Several readers at GRL told me that my Packing Heat podcast, which ran from 2007-2009, was an inspiration to them. Most of the info is pretty timeless.

I've had some issues with the podcast host and need to make a change as my hosting expires next month. I'd like to archive the casts and show notes somewhere free or cheap. Keeping it on iTunes would be fantastic but I'm not sure that's possible.

I'm looking for a volunteer to help me make the shift. If you know about how to set these things up and you're interested in helping, find more specifics here.

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A Bitter Taste of Sweet Oblivion (Paperback, contains Brazen, Snare, Fluid, Elixir, Swarm) - Amazon.com, Amazon, co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, Amazon.co.jp With free worldwide shipping: The Book Depository

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