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News: Spook Squad took several spots in the Goodreads MM 2013 Member Choice Awards including second place in favorite established couple (wow!) and first place in Sci-Fi. Huge thanks to my readership for all your continued support, I'm phenomenally grateful. It is your enthusasim in leaving reviews and recommending my work to your friends that allows my writing career to thrive.

Post: That's a Wipe - because talking about toilet paper is oddly fascinating

Post: 21 Truly Upsetting Vintage Recipes. Which ones would you consider eating?


Jordan S. Lombard ‏@JordanSLombard
Yay! My print copy of @jordancprice 's fricken awesome Spook Squad just arrived! LOVE the cover, front & back!

S.A. McAuley ‏@AuthorSAMcAuley
On a @jordancprice kick. Just finished Body Art. Fully convinced everything she writes is magic. Don't even care it's too cold to go outside

Becky Black ‏@beckyblackbooks
@jordancprice There's much less lying on a chaise in a silk dressing gown sipping martinis to this job than TV led me to believe.


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Name that Jerk

Dear reader,

Recently, my vet put out a request for customers to send in photos of their pets to post on their website. While I can look at pictures of animals online approximately forever, once I got over the "Aw!" factor, I was struck by something.

Some people are really boring at naming their pets.

Also, they were consistently boring. Many pets were shown in pairs. Whenever there were two animals, if one had a fairly unimaginitive name like Fido, the other one was probably called Spot.

As a pet owner myself, it pains me when people are amused by my Persian cat's name...which is Puffy. I long to launch into an explanation about how he was given to me with that name, and what the heck was I supposed to do, change it when he was eight years old just because I thought it was painfully obvious? That if it were up to me, I would have named him for his quirky personality rather than his coat?

No. Usually, I just say, "Thank you."

What Puffy Thinks

I can't really throw stones at the bad pet-namers. Some people are stellar at picking out phenomenally witty email addresses and usernames for themselves. Not me. I must've been busy daydreaming when they were passing out that talent.

In looking at my mailing list, though, I see that many of you are fantastic at coming up with handles and nicknames.

Here's where the fun comes in. For the upcoming Mnevermind II, I need a chatroom name for an overbearing creep on a gay website. Submit your ickiest idea here by January 22 (one week!), and if I use your suggestion, you'll win a free ebook when the story comes out this spring.

Happy naming!



The following readers won a signed bookmark or JCP ebook of their choice just for opening their newsletters! YAY!

LCam for opening the Orchid Schmorchid Saturday Snippet

Emily G for opening the Body Art coupon

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I have contacted the winners directly and let them know.

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Body Art

Frozen Solid

How about that insane blast of subzero weather we just had? Luckily I didn't have to venture out into it too much. I hope your cars started without too much fuss and your furnaces all ran like champs.

While they were holed up in their homes, dozens of readers discovered or re-discovered my backlist thriller novella, Body Art!

The story: The snowbirds are gone for the season when a freak ice storm traps newcomer Ray on an island in Lake Michigan with a bewitching artist loner... and a killer.

At JCP Books in PDF, ePub and Mobi
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And if you're the proud owner of one of these a-maze-ing books, I'd LOVE for you to leave a review!

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