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Turbulence #1: Into the Bermuda Triangle


Into the Bermuda TriangleInto the Bermuda Triangle by Jordan Castillo Price

Series: Turbulence 1
Length: Novelette - 8600 words - 30 PDF pages
Cover artist: Jordan Castillo Price - see larger cover
ISBN: 9781476091440


Omnibus edition available


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You don’t need to be macho to be strong. AVA First Officer Paul Cronin should know—he’s a gay pilot in a profession that reeks of testosterone. The other pilots are macho. The mechanics are macho. Heck, even the baggage handlers are macho. It seems like the only men on the airline who aren’t strutting around talking cars and football are the flight attendants.

With his scheduled flight grounded, Paul finds himself torn between a rendezvous with a handsome flight attendant and a new assignment on Flight 511. He discovers the replacement flight is a quick trip to Bermuda that will allow his date to proceed as planned, and it seems as if his weekend is falling right into place, despite the passengers’ apprehensions over crossing the Bermuda Triangle.

Skeptic that he is, Paul finds it difficult to soothe the passengers’ fears. The Bermuda Triangle is just a sensationalistic name that a journalist invented for a commonly-traveled stretch of the Atlantic. Of course, airline employees wouldn’t entertain that sort of superstition…so why is the rest of Flight 511’s crew acting so strange?

The Turbulence Series

1. Into the Bermuda Triangle

2. Autopilot Engaged

3. Red-Eye Dawn

4. Connecting Flight

5. Black Box

6. Flying Blind

7. Radio Silence

8. Final Boarding

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